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Blind Vision
If Hollywood wanted to entrance movie goers with small-town America, the ticketholder could rest assured that the hamlet would model such a place as Sperling, Texas. Just shy of twelve-thousand people, it possesses a charm of a by-gone era. The fact that the bubbly Callie hails from such a Rockwellesque burg is a surprise to no one. Callie Wallace met Richard Cortez in medical school, and they’ve come back to her hometown to set-up their neurology practice. When there’s a suspicious death of a hospitalized patient, Mr. Clyde Murphy, the situation presents a public relations nightmare for the administrator of Lake Sperling Medical Center. The Murphy’s are a wealthy, prominent family in the region, and when the fault points to the man’s admitting physician, Dr. Callie Wallace, an egregious widow is more than ready to take her pound of flesh. The situation at the hospital is a concern, but it soon becomes clear that Callie Wallace herself is having trouble with reality. Her head-trips can only be described as peculiar and she questions her own sanity. The analytical-minded Callie doesn’t want to accept that her visions have any relevance . . . but she’s in denial. This is because science dictates that hallucinations are nothing but the perception of a person’s truth. In Callie’s case, the truth is that bad apples don’t fall far from their trees.

This book along with a favorite beverage is a fantastic way to spend some time away from the hectic life we find ourselves in at the moment. The story is a nice blend of mystery and suspense in a medical setting. A young neurologist and her long time friend/partner have a thriving office in the local southern hospital. There are plenty of twists and turns to hold your attention and keep the pages turning... A mother's secret, a bit of lust and love mixed with the necessity of the undercover FBI dude ... Great read Nina Blakeman! Look forward to more!


Nina Blakeman’s, Blind Vision is a suspenseful medically based novel that keeps the reader interested and wanting to know more. The plot steadily builds and is easy to follow. Each twist keeps you intrigued, making it hard to put down. Readers can easily relate to the characters and their circumstances. Past details and scenarios are clearly
laid out and captivates the reader to why they are essential. It was easy to read and a great escape from busy day to day life. Even though it is medically based, details are easy to understand without prior medical knowledge. Overall, I feel this was a great
book! I enjoyed the story line and inability to predict the ending.


Great medical drama that makes you want to continue to turn the pages