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Spencer Stephens
Blood Lily
A billionaire Saudi strongman raises his only daughter, Norah, to become his terrorist tool and sends her to America with orders to bomb Washington, DC, subway stations. He has no idea the catastrophe that awaits. Norah, resourceful and self-aware, has endured the life Father mapped out for her and is desperate for an out. She confronts her private demons – dread of the authoritarians and tyrants who control her – and hopes for a world where she can be her own judge and master. A rich cast of characters plays a role in her struggle to claim her life as her own. This is Norah’s story, a crooked and sometimes magical portrait of human nature. It’s also a dark page-turner about the autocrats’ playbook – their claim of entitlement to authority, their obsession with secrecy and loyalty, their faith in violence. Lyrical and exhilarating, Blood Lily is an inspiring reinvention of the international thriller.