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Synopsis BLOODGOOD takes you to the mountains of Honduras to die. The story centers on four women military Officers out of the Iraq war of Desert Storm. They are now contract killers for the CIA. BLOODGOOD is about their lives and how they cope with killing enemies of the U.S. Government through drugs, sex, and isolation with the help of each other. They are our new Amazonian warriors in Special Ops. BLOODGOOD shows you the history of the Special Ops Unit all women’s group-The Black Knights. BLOODGOOD gives us the world of modern day Women warriors fighting for the United States. How men look at them with fear, how they are known in the diplomatic and Congressional world on Capitol Hill and the respect the bleed each and every day for the red, white and blue. Yes, these are women who have earned the respect of men and take what they want sexually and morally from the world the dangerous world they live in. They dress sharp, they each have their individual characteristics and they all come from different cultures in the United States. They would make their mother’s proud. Sharde Peng: Asian American (Main Protagonist), Chill: African American, Diana: Hispanic American, and Bailey: White American BLOODGOOD settings are in several foreign countries but mostly in Central America. The novel primary focus is to end this insanity of a man wanting to kill his own daughter who is trying to stop him from using terrorist acts against two countries he feels have betrayed him. The beauty of Honduras and other Central American countries are in the background as they find out that BLOODGOOD is a beautiful tree, which is also the title of the novel. It is grown by Sharde’s father Hans Peng in honor of her dead mother and where this tree is you can also find him hidden in the grottoes of Honduras. The novel shows us his ruthless revenge as they search throughout Central America and different parts of the world to stop him on his own personal crusade against China and the United States; one country took his wife and one country took his daughter. They get another boss a British Commander Jim Dale he later takes over the group called the Black Knights; spoiler-He is Black British Intelligence Agent. He is similar to a James Bond type guy who leads them to the lair of Hans Peng. WOMEN CAN KILL TOO… BLOODGOOD concludes: They close him inside his grotto and he takes his own life and says goodbye to his daughter. Sharde meets up with another C.I.A. agent Mike Kelly in Germany, they have a beer; he talks about leaving and she walks off into the dense fog of Koblenz Germany to meet up with the other Black Knights for another assignment. \t \t \t \t \t \t \t \t \t \t