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Elle Limpkin
Bloodstained Bliss
Elle Limpkin, author
Three centuries after the violence genes have been removed from the entire world population, a series of murders shake the blissful island of Roseside Reef and the entire planet. New dead bodies are discovered despite around-the-clock video surveillance, but is there anyone who can stop the killer? With no police, no detectives, and no forensics team, Zeno Pruitt, former military Commander and unenthusiastic Governor, jumps at the opportunity to lead the team that aims to solve the mystery. The investigation leads him to hidden truths that change the way he sees the world. Little does he know that he's the one at the center of the murderous motives. After the killer turns his attention to Zeno's wife, he looks at both his friends and enemies to find the culprit. With suspects to spare, he crosses off the names one by one, until only one option remains.