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Blurry Daydream: When Faith Feels Like Make Believe

Adult; Spirituality/Inspirational; (Market)

The author of Blurry Daydream has outlined a creative work merging motivation and memoir that leads to the intersection between faith and life. Using imagination, curiosity and trust, Anthony Does has penned a most personal book as he provides a heartbreakingly honest and insightful portrayal of how to overcome the struggles of make believe religion to reconnect to real and meaningful belief. Ample stories mixed with wonder and humor quickly leads the reader into its pages. A wise and passionate book, Blurry Daydream guides you through a coming of age faith story that progresses into a growing and prevailing life of courage, hope and joy.
Amazon Review

 Riveting, touching, inspiring, encouraging! This book took me on a rollercoaster of emotions following the author's own life story neatly woven in-between a call to "dare to dream" and "dare to see that dream come to pass"! I started to read and didn't stop until I closed the back cover...Anthony Does pulls your heart out, turns it over a few times, and then like a skillful surgeon, neatly places it back where it belongs, in the nick of time! A must-read for all those who are fearful, anxious, doubting, ashamed, or have given up hope!

Amazon Review

 Can't say enough about Blurry Daydream! Anthony Does uses stories from his life to illustrate God's love and truth in a way that weaves them seamlessly into the narrative. Being a music lover, I also enjoyed the lyrics relating to the topic at the beginning of each chapter. In all, a positive and encouraging read that leaves you renewed and reconnecting with the dreams of the past that God has sparked within you. Time to bring the blurry into focus.

Amazon Review

 Such a captivating and beautifully written novel. Each story brought me back to my own childhood and reminded me of the innocence and heartache of growing up and learning that there is more to this life than we understand.

Amazon Review

The creative skills and personal stories make this book easy to read. But the content will cause you to stop and listen to what is being said. It is a needed book for both young and old. It will revitalize your dreams. I recommend you purchase several copies for your family and friends. It will make a gift that will keep on giving.

Goodreads Review

 There are precious few moments in life when two souls connect forging a friendship that thrusts them on the life’s pilgrimage at the same time. For over twenty years, Anthony Does has been one of those fellow travelers in my life. So when I first read Blurry Daydream in its genesis, I grew rife with joy-filled anticipation. Anthony’s practical teaching on faith, always peppered with humor, is fleshed out through his beautiful and sometimes heartbreaking personal stories that make faith accessible and mysterious all at the same time. If you allow it, Blurry Daydream will be the kind of book that becomes a companion on your faith journey.  

Goodreads Review

Blurry Daydream will take you on an incredible journey of Love, Hope and Dreams. This book has left an everlasting imprint on my heart and soul.          

Goodreads Review

I love every moment of Blurry Daydream. Its like watching a movie of Anthony's life and in the final cut we find Jesus. Every page is a golden nugget from God. Anthony is writing to all God's children, telling us we are unique and distinct. God loves dreamers and Anthony is a dreamer who is singing his song with Jesus by his side. Anthony's tender heart and humor lightens all our hearts as we read Blurry Daydream, encouraging "Believing Believers" to walk the good fight of faith. Blurry Daydream is a gift from God inspiring all of us to reveal our true selves to the world. God is calling all of us to DREAM! 

Lindsay minister shares stories of hope

LINDSAY - Anthony Does is really focused on his writing.

On Saturday (Oct. 28), the local author will celebrate the release of his first book, Blurry Daydream at the Kent Bookstore. Does will be on hand from 10:30 a.m. until 1 p.m. to share his creative journey and conduct selected readings from the book.

Does has lived in the Kawartha Lakes with his wife Sonja for 10 years. Convinced that the world is changed by dreamers and visionaries, his work inspires others to pursue their personal God given assignment. He has taken numerous mission teams to more than a dozen nations and witnessed Gods' supernatural power bring healing and hope to many.

About five years ago, Does came up with the idea of writing a book.

“But it wasn’t until last year, when I was given some time off work, that it really started to come together,” said Does who is Lead Pastor at Bethel Evangelical Missionary Church. “I worked with teens in Toronto for many years. There’s this disconnect happening with youth and their faith and I saw a real need to address it. . . . In a way, my book is for them.”

Does has used his own personal experiences and emotions - humour, fear, regret, doubt, acceptance and understanding - to forge the stories in Blurry Daydream.

“When I was younger, I remember a teacher telling my parents that I was a bit of a daydreamer,” said Does. “It didn’t mean much to me then, but why are daydreamers mocked? Dreams in the day involve curiosity, imagination, wonder and connections to the natural world and all of creation.”

He added writing the book has been very therapeutic, which is somewhat ironic as he started out penning the stories to bolster other people’s faith in their future.

“What I found was, when I paid attention to my own journey, how much of the story evolved into a message of hope. . . that you don’t have to settle for good enough. You can move forward. That vision is a main theme throughout the book. Each chapter has that thread sewn into it,” said Does.

Sharing his work with others has already been an amazing experience. Earlier this year, Does was interviewed on The 700 Club which was very encouraging.

“That opened a significant number of doors for me.”

Does is currently working on ideas for a follow up to Blurry Daydream.

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