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Sara Mastriforte
Boken's Awesome Autumn Adventure! Part 1
In Boken's Awesome Autumn Adventure! Part 1, Boken, the cheeky Miniature Schnauzer, takes a trip to Ireland. His fun and adventures start even before he leaves home and journeys to Northern Spain, where he and his parents catch the ferry to Cork. Does he get up to mischief on the ferry? Of course he does! Once the intrepid explorer arrives in Ireland, his senses are opened wide. The smells, the sights, what he hears - it's a whole new world to the lovable little boy. From learning about the armada in Kinsale, to watching his Dad kiss the Blarney Stone, from exploring the National Stud to meeting a real leprechaun, Boken has the time of his life. He has fun, adventures and learns so much too. Does he want to return to Spain? You will have to read to find out.