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Bond Hunter
Kia McInerny, author
BOND HUNTER A Taut International Thriller - A young lawyer is plunged into danger when she discovers Hitler's link to Wall Street It is October 1994, four years after the fall of the Berlin Wall. Stunned by the mysterious death of her grandfather and law partner, new attorney Kenna Rand is approached to take over his efforts to redeem a portfolio of German bearer bonds issued during Hitler’s rise to power. The bonds are payable in gold. Billions of dollars are at stake as Kenna races across continents to reach Switzerland’s settlements bank before time runs out. The claim could plunge the German economy and newly created EU into chaos. Powerful interests coalesce to stop Kenna, including Wall Street’s elite. Pursued by a cold-blooded female fortune hunter, as well as a ruthless government agent, Kenna uncovers chilling truths about Germany’s war on Europe – and America’s role in financing it. BOND HUNTER is based upon true facts about Germany's dark alliance with Wall Street in the years leading up to WWII. The Author is a former attorney whose probe into the history of the German gold bonds led to BOND HUNTER.