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Joy Jinnaya
Book of the First Legend: The Spirit Key
Joy Jinnaya, author
The Book of the First Legend -The Spirit Key - is a tale of the magical, mighty, and mysterious legends of the Three Union gods, their rivalries with themselves and the children of destruction, cast-off gods, humans and the heroes of the Kingdom of Sydia. These legends became a brutal reality to the people Sydia when they are violently captured by the Children of Destruction. From the chaos, rise our heroes, Aderic (son of Nna) and his friends, who begin a perilous mission to rescue the princess and the kingdom. Guarded by the Book of the First Legend, Aderic begins to discover its mysteries. With the help of his friends they uncover the gifts of the gods. One of these gifts takes the form of the Spirit Key. The key was long hidden from humans and other beings by the gods as it was said to give its bearer the ultimate power of the gods. Now, our hero needs control of the Spirit Key to rescue the princess and save the kingdom of Sydia. Will our hero be able to find the Spirit Key hidden by the three union gods? Will he be able to wield the power of the gods to rescue the princess and the kingdom? Find out for yourself if the Book of the First Legend holds the hope of victory for our heroes and the kingdom of Sydia.
Editor Linda Samuel

I held my breath till the end. I was like watching Game Of Thrones all over again. I enjoyed every piece of the novel. You might just be the next Chimmanda Adichie.

she is a rising star. watch out for joy!

The Prairies Book Review

An intriguing tale of love, loss, sacrifice, and hope.

Jinnaya begins her series kicker in The Spirit Key series with this tale marked with magic and mystery. The once prosperous Kingdom of Sydia becomes a land of brutal killings and chaos after the long-exiled Ganina, a powerful priestess, escapes with the help of Tasus, the god of twist. Betrothed to be married, the young couple, Aderic and Princess Shadra are separated, with the princess sent to a faraway land. It’s up to Aderic to save the princess and the people of Sydia from a cruel fate, but he must unlock the powers of the Spirit Key first. Jinnaya’s writing is simple and prose accessible, and she takes time to build the main conflict in the story. While Aderic’s perilous mission to rescue Shadra drives the narrative, his quest for uncovering the gifts of gods is equally captivating. Aderic and Shadra’s sweet chemistry is endearing, and the tantalizing conclusion will leave readers eager for the next installment.