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Shane Patrick White
Author, Illustrator
Shane White, author
The story follows Maven and her robot guardian Braun. They are wreckers at Mobile Strike Services the number one robot reclamation company. Decca city is rife with junkiebots and outmoded machines where they keep the streets safe. In a competitive bid to win an upcoming election, Axiom Global, the incumbent Politicorp, buys out Mobile Strike. But Braun is flagged and seized by Axiom. His serial codes are those of a missing project, 20 years old. To free Braun, Maven and her fellow wreckers break into Axiom headquarters, only to find out the truth about her missing parents and a darker reality that will change the face of humanity. This book is intended for those who like thought-provoking sci-fi adventure and mystery. It's strong female lead, immersive world and mild violence makes for a broad story for many to enjoy.
Painstaking, expensive production makes this lively dystopian story stand out from the crowd. Corporations are the real candidates for political office in Decca City; between elections, they maneuver to steal power by attacking one another. Cute and curvaceous redhead Maven and her best friend, Braun, an empathetic and super-competent robot, are minding their own business of harvesting parts from superfluous robots until their friendly employer suffers a hostile takeover by the Axiom Company. As it turns out, Braun is more than a simple robot: he holds secrets that Axiom’s top management craves, and the intrigue involves Maven and her family too. White’s script is above average, allowing for some character development and giving the story plenty of room to sprawl out. His artwork effectively fills the pages with dynamic energy. The most impressive thing about the book is how exceptional the coloring and printing are; its looks outshine the competent writing. (BookLife)