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Lamia Jonas
Break down the worries of jazz guitar! Recommended instruction book diagnosis
Lamia Jonas, author
This time, for a variety of trouble never run out in order to jazz, first to organize the trouble. First of all, by touching the words and getting to know the world little by little, you will be able to do it naturally, and ad-lib is a feeling close to that. Certainly, I can understand the desire to ad-lib immediately, but by checking my coordinates and practicing in order, I can hope for more reliable growth. In this article, we will clarify what you can do to move on to the next problem, and take a method to surely suppress it and solve it. So, first of all, I tried to divide it into three levels and summarize the small walls to be overcome. For those who want to start jazz but don't know what to do Now, from here, I will explain what you should be able to do concretely. However, the detailed order, etc. changes depending on the person, so if you find this item difficult, you may try other items. You will be able to play jazz-specific phrases Jazz has many unique fingerings, so you need to get used to it first and have the ability to play certain phrases. Therefore, at first, it is necessary to play a fixed phrase, theme, etc. slowly and surely. Understand basic music theory Many people want to avoid the theory, but the minimum theory cannot be avoided. However, if you hold down the basics first, you can use it to a certain extent, so it's not that painful! Get to know jazz I'm writing this because it doesn't seem to be related to jazz guitar and it's important. By trying to understand how the legends made jazz jazz through sound sources and books, I deepened my love for jazz and gave myself what good sound is and what good play is. Asking questions will lead to further breakthroughs. For those who have become accustomed to jazz a little but do not know what to do next. For those who have touched on jazz and have taken a look at the theory, but what should I do with ad lib? Please try the following items. Copy various ad libs Before you can make your own phrases, you first need to study how the theories you've covered so far are sublimated into phrases. In addition, it is a good idea to pull down the phrases that you think are good and make them your own. Be able to create ad lib phrases If you have a certain theory of phrases, you will be able to create ad lib phrases yourself. However, here, instead of improvising, it is necessary to wake up on the score to complete a solo for one theme and play it without stopping. If you get used to this, it will be fine and you will be able to open the way for ad lib. Make it possible to take ad lib with standard Start with a simple standard and practice ad lib in order from what is called a difficult song. At first, you need to slowly connect the phrases you have created or stored without stopping.