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Breeda Looney Steps Forth
Oliver Sands, author
HOW FAR WOULD YOU GO TO BRING A DEAD PARENT BACK FROM THE GRAVE? Breeda Looney tells herself she’s happy with her life in a small Irish fishing village. Sure, there are days she talks to no one but the cat, her Aunt Nora considers her a waste of skin, and her panic attacks have become public spectacles. Still, what’s the use in complaining? Then Breeda makes a shocking discovery that flips her world upside down. Her father, said to have died when Breeda was a child, might actually still be alive. Breeda’s search for her father will strain her sanity to its limits, pitting her against her formidable Aunt Nora and threatening everything she holds dear. And as she digs up the family dirt to find him, Breeda will begin to wonder… has she taken a step too far? Perfect for fans of Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine, A Man Called Ove and The Likely Resolutions of Oliver Clock, Breeda Looney Steps Forth is a smart, irresistible and darkly delicious debut which promises to make Readers laugh and cry in equal measure.