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Ten Howard
Bricks and Mortar

Bright, beautiful, and successful, Manhattan real estate mogul Omega Bouvier is the embodiment of the American dream. When Ponzi scheme con artist Bernie Madoff was arrested in 2008, seeing Mrs. Madoff stand by her man causes Omega to reflect on an earlier point in her life.

After spending her childhood and adolescence feeling unloved and unwanted by her mother, Omega struggles to find her place and purpose in the world. Upon graduation from Dartmouth, she takes a job as a publicist in Miami, just as the South Beach Renaissance takes off.

As Omega climbs the professional ladder, her personal life remains neglected—until one night, when an event for a client places her in the sights of Zion Bram. The exotic and charismatic financial guru convinces Omega that he needs her on his team, and Omega hesitantly gives in to his powers of persuasion.

Omega tries to keep their relationship professional, while secretly longing for his touch. As they work together, the line between business and pleasure becomes blurred. When Zion reveals his intentions, their connection explodes into a white-hot passion that fulfills Omega’s every desire, both loving and erotic.

But can Omega, who treasures her independence above all else, trust this man? Is Zion concealing a secret? Or will letting Zion into her heart give him power over her future?