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Jennifer Collins
Bridges Between Our Hearts: Book Three in the Love That Does Not Die Trilogy
Bridges between Our Hearts continues Larissa's winding journey through the anguish of grief as she resolves to live life to its fullest. Challenges in the world around her and changing family configurations create emotional chasms she never imagined. Faced with choices between connection or further loss, opportunities to build bridges emerge - allowing Larissa to see clearly that love does not ide. Quite the opposite.
Wishing Shelf Book Review

A strongly plotted, character-led family drama, perfect for a night in, on the sofa, with a glass of red wine.

This author seems to excel in two aspects of novel writing – first, her ability to offer the reader strong, interesting characters to get to know and to root for. Her protagonist, Larissa, is particularly memorable, a woman who’s suffered a lot in her life but is determined to find a better life for herself. The second aspect is the ‘spiritual’ element, the author successfully using her characters to explored love and loss...

So, if you happen to be on the hunt for a cleverly plotted drama populated with charcaters who enjoy exploring life, the afterlife, and all things spiitual, this book is for you.