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Lexy Delorme
Bright Midnights
LS Delorme, author

Adult; Sci-Fi/Fantasy/Horror; (Market)

Amelie has always been different.

Most high school students find life challenging, but 17-year old Amelie has a lot more to contend with than typical teenage angst. Ever since she turned 11, other people have been irresistibly drawn to her—with tragic consequences. Her only escape is at night when she flies to different times and places through her « dreams ». Her life begins to change when, on one of her flights, she meets Clovis- an alluring and mysterious young man who hides a secret.   As Amelie finds herself irresistibly drawn to him, she learns his story and how it intertwines with her own, and finally discovers how to live her life in the real world. Until her own secrets are revealed to the wrong people and that world turns upside down.

Bright Midnights is the second in the Limerent Series and continues in the  thought-provoking and beautiful style of the first as it considers different dimensions, different ways of looking at the world, and the transcendent power of love.
The second entry in Delorme’s Limerent Series (after Caio) presents an enthralling, character-rich narrative that intertwines the mundane and the supernatural, delving into the complexities of young-adult life—and the kinds of obsession that “Limerent” suggests—through a layer of fantasy. The novel revolves around Amelie, a 17-year-old burdened since the age of 11 with a remarkable yet destructive gift. She possesses an inexplicable magnetism that draws people toward her, often with tragic consequences. This proves both blessing and curse, as she must distance herself from the world she inhabits by constructing literal mind-shields. The introduction of Clovis, an enigmatic incubus, adds a compelling twist—and a forbidden attraction—as the two are hunted by friends and foes alike. Even as the stakes grow higher, their fraught relationship and its future power the tension.

Delorme populates Amelie's world with a diverse cast, each playing a unique role in showcasing her adolescent trials. Her interactions with counselors and teachers, including a particularly lascivious vice principal, emphasize the distance between her desire for a normal teenage life and the necessity to control the powers she possesses. Amelie's relationship with her unfeeling parents and uncaring friends spotlights the isolation she feels in her quest to find her place in a world that often fails her, and her yearning for a real friendship. It is this need in her life that the arrival of Clovis—whom she first thinks could be a hungry werewolf—might begin to fulfill. Touchingly, she finds in him a friend, a guide, and the object of her desires.

Bright Midnights offers a remarkable exploration of the experiences of desire and love. Through Amelie’s struggles to make sense of her new, unfamiliar feelings and knowledge, readers are sure to find themselves irresistibly drawn into this enthralling journey. Delorme’s steady, compelling pace makes the novel’s epic length less daunting, making it a solid read for lovers of relationship-driven urban fantasy.

Takeaway: Compelling fantasy of a teen, an incubus, and keeping the world at a distance.

Comparable Titles: Amanda Hocking’s Switched, Nadine Brandes’s Wishtress.

Production grades
Cover: A-
Design and typography: A-
Illustrations: N/A
Editing: A-
Marketing copy: A-