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Cocaine, domestic violence, and a bad choice in guys made it easy for Angelic to hide an abortion.  Until seventeen year old Angelic came home from school to learn that her family had moved out of their 3 bed room apartment.Empty without a trace of furniture only trash and Angelic's things.  Just weeks before her high school graduation, she is ABANDONED by her parents.

Once a huge secret Angelic's abortion became a memory as she finds herself knocked up by a Rollin 60 Crip gang member who she later discovers having sex with her sisters. 

Broken trust between them would soon cause a rift in the dynamics of their sister hood. A lack of morals would lead to lust, extacy, cocaine, adultry, disrespect and cheating which was certain to break the bond that once held these sisters together.

The events and experiences that you will read about are all true.  I have changed the names of individuals in an effort to protect their right to tell or not to tell their story.  Choosing to change their names is my way of protecting their confidentiality, privacy and integrity.  The story line including conversations with those in this book is my re-creation of those true events based on my recollection of those memories as they evoke feelings and meanings in my life.