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Peter Aronson
Bronislaw Huberman: From Child Prodigy to Hero, the Violinist Who Saved Jewish Musicians from the Holocaust
BRONISLAW HUBERMAN: FROM CHILD PRODIGY TO HERO, THE VIOLINIST WHO SAVED JEWISH MUSICIANS FROM THE HOLOCAUST First in my Groundbreaker Series: Books for middle-grade readers about extraordinary people doing extraordinary things. Bronislaw Huberman was a child prodigy who played his violin before kings and queens. As an adult, he became one of the greatest violinists in the world. And then came the horrors of Nazi Germany and the violence and hatred towards the Jews of Europe. The time period was 1933 – 36. Huberman decided he needed to save his fellow Jews in Europe. He saw the Jewish musicians lose their jobs. He saw their desperate state. He took action, using his violin as a sword. When he needed to raise the necessary funds, he turned to Einstein for help. When he needed political clout, he turned to Chaim Weizmann. This is the inspiring true story of Bronislaw Huberman and the founding of an orchestra in Palestine, later the Israel Philharmonic Orchestra. By Peter Aronson: Children’s book author, journalist and lawyer Double M Books Inc., New York City (soon to be launched) Available soon through and other book sellers