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Loren Hayle
Loren Hayle, author
BRAYLON RUSH is the “stock boy” in his uncle’s small town hardware shop, whose talent\passion for painting is unnoticed by the external world. TIFFANY FRANCESCA is an up and coming art dealer from New York who is looking for her next big find. When a man meets a woman who can fulfill all his desires and more, what happens to his old life? What person does he choose to become? Whom or what, will get left behind? But there is no such thing as a free lunch, and gifts such as these always have a hidden price. Is Braylon truly ready to enter a world where appearances are not what they seem? Where wishes can be granted or taken away by mere whims... Dark, suspenseful, explicit and brash; Brushstrokes follows the journey of one man as he tries to bring his dreams to fruition, and the obstacles he must overcome to get there.