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Buffalo Hunting: and other remblings
Lee Wiech, author
RACISM...pits one Christian community against another, rips a family apart, drives to young lovers to find happiness. The story starts with a boy, Marcus, wanting to be his own person and meets a girl, Quanah (Qua-nah) about the same age. Marcus, a second generation German immigrant and Quanah, a Comanche, their friendship blooms into love. This tail demonstrates how the practice of Christianity is different from one community to another. One community embraces all people while the other defines strict unspoken rules of oppression. This narrative is based on the authors actual experiences, his study of German immigration, and land granted by the “Republic of Texas.” An 1847 Comanche peace treaty was orchestrated by the Society for the Protection of German Immigrants. Based on what was learned of the philosophical approach to this treating; we should educate our children together that they know each other and marry so we can raise our grandchildren together.

This is the story of 3 generations of German immigrants and their families living in Texas in the later 1800's. It is a look at the challenging life they faced in making a home for themselves in the new world and how they interacted with people native to the area. The main character is Marcus and we follow his life from a young boy as he grows up, falls in love, learns about the values of his parents and grandparents and determines his own fate. The story has elements of racism and religion and how different people interpret how their God expects them to meet the challenges of life, racism and religion. The book is written in a very straight forward manner and I found it an interesting read and I think it would also hold the interest of readers 12 and above.