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  • 01/2021
  • 9781735552408
  • 226 pages
  • $29.95
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  • 02/2021
  • 9781735552422 B08W2MXV1R
  • 226 pages
  • $9.99
David J. Waldron
Build Wealth With Common Stocks

Written for individual investors by an individual investor.

From the dust jacket's inside flaps:

In Build Wealth with Common Stocks, investor and self-improvement author David J. Waldron shares actionable ideas to construct a potentially market-beating portfolio of the common shares of enduring companies to fund life's significant milestones.

Waldron offers inspiring wisdom and memorable anecdotes to keep the reader moving forward during the endless roller coaster rides of market cycles.

On Outperforming Wall Street

Despite limited capital, the individual investor on Main Street has the potential to achieve superior returns with lower costs and less risk than the power brokers working on Wall Street.

On Being a Thoughtful Investor

To paraphrase American baseball legend Yogi Berra, investing is ‘90 percent half’ common sense. The ‘other half’ is patience and discipline.

On Patience

Patience is the scarcest and, thereby, the most valuable commodity available to the retail-level investor.

On Discipline

One rule virtually guarantees you will never lose money on an investment (Chapter Five).

On Productive Fear

A portfolio constructed on the fear of losing money is destined to outperform a basket thrown together from the fear of missing out.

On Taking Ownership

Stop placing bets on stocks and start investing in companies.

On Active vs. Passive Investing

Buy slices of the best companies in the sector, reserving the index for hedging your portfolio.

On the Perils of High Yield Dividends

Chasing current yield is a recipe for junk equity. Instead, practice this more profitable concept of dividend investing (Chapter Nine).

On the Death of Value Investing

Value investing is never dead; it’s just less popular than short-term growth stories. As long as there are financial markets or farmers’ markets, value prevails.

On the Benefits of Self-Directed Investing

Build your beach or lake house instead of your financial advisor’s.

On Assessing Risk

A risk understood, accepted, and well-managed becomes the risk worth taking.

On Being a Defensive Investor

Outperform the market by managing the downside while allowing the upside to take care of itself.

About the Author

David J. Waldron is an individual investor and the author of self-improvement books for those seeking to achieve the personal and professional goals that matter most in their life. He earned a Bachelor of Science in business studies as a Garden State Scholar at Stockton University and completed The Practice of Management Program at Brown University. Take control and achieve your dreams at

Copyright 2021 by David J. Waldron. All rights reserved.

Quarter Finalist

Plot/Idea: 9 out of 10
Originality: 8 out of 10
Prose: 8 out of 10
Character/Execution: 9 out of 10
Overall: 8.50 out of 10


Idea: Waldron conveys his thoughts and ideas in an orderly, commonsense progression. The reader is able to move from one idea to the next in a logical pattern with a clear understanding of concepts and ideas.

Prose/Style: The author demonstrates an impressive command of investment terminology but sometimes doesn't explain what terms mean, terms vital to understanding and navigating the complex world of stocks and implementing the advice he offers.

Originality: Investing advice is fairly commonplace, but here the author shares his own unique investment wisdom that readers will not find elsewhere.

Character Development/Execution: The author states upfront that "it is expected that investors will disagree with or outright dismiss some of the principles, strategies, and practices shared in this book, [but] the intent is to take what is needed and leave the rest." He writes with the knowledge that readers will cherry-pick his advice which frees him up to put forth singular advice/commentary.

Date Submitted: November 22, 2020

From the Book's Back Cover

Individual Investor Praise for Build Wealth With Common Stocks:

Build Wealth with Common Stocks is the best book I've read on stock selection in my 55 years of investing.” —Bud Joyner, Memphis, TN USA


“David J. Waldron’s book inspired me to begin investing! Learning the benefits of planning and research toward owning slices of great companies helped me to develop a winning game plan for my inaugural portfolio.” —Shonna Dent, Pueblo, CO USA


“I have read a ton of books on investing, and Build Wealth with Common Stocks is the most outstanding. Chock-full of wisdom that every individual investor needs to know. You will feel as if this book was written just for you.” —Ram Persaud, Toronto, ON Canada


“David J. Waldron provides a complete framework for any individual investor looking for a thorough and common-sense understanding of value investing.” —Mariska Mosterd-van Wijnen, Ermelo, The Netherlands


“From developing the right frame of mind to evaluating key metrics to determine if a stock is a good investment, Build Wealth with Common Stocks guides you through the process with terms and language that any do-it-yourself investor can understand and put into practice.”  —Justin Loidolt, Boise, ID USA


“David J. Waldron’s latest book is a great road map for individual investors with a long-term horizon. His common sense approach teaches you to assess each company on its merits and to understand the value of the business. A smart alternative to passively owning every company in an index. Highly recommended!” —Robert Weiss, CFA, Sarasota, FL USA

One of the Best First Lines for November 2020 - PW Editors at BookLife

“An informed investor has a far greater chance of getting rich slow than getting rich fast, and getting rich slowly is better than not at all.” --David J. Waldron, Build Wealth With Common Stocks

QAV (The Australian Investing Podcast)

"Our guest on this episode is American investor David Waldron, author of Build Wealth With Common Stocks, a great, new introduction to value investing."--Tony Kynaston and Cameron Reilly, QAV Podcasts Hosts

Hardcover Details
  • 01/2021
  • 9781735552408
  • 226 pages
  • $29.95
Ebook Details
  • 02/2021
  • 9781735552422 B08W2MXV1R
  • 226 pages
  • $9.99