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Built to Finish
Entrepreneurs can go the distance with an endurance athlete’s formula for success: have the grit to start, the stamina to finish, and the balance to live fully along the way. Entrepreneurs know taking a company all the way through scale-up to a successful exit is a grueling, long-haul endeavor, a special kind of endurance sport. Get a competitive advantage by learning the secrets of the masters of sustained performance: endurance athletes. In Built to Finish, Steven Pivnik takes the reader on two journeys: leading his software and services company, Binary Tree, from inception to successful exit and his quest to compete in the IRONMAN® World Championships in Kona, Hawaii. Steven shares how entrepreneurs can apply the insights gained from his adventures in triathlon, mountaineering, and ultramarathons to their own pursuit of long-term personal and professional success, such as what a triathlete’s elastic laces can teach them about agility in the marketplace and how an endurance athlete’s finishing strategy can empower them to run their own race. Steven Pivnik is a serial entrepreneur specializing in the information technology market and advises other founders and entrepreneurs looking for corporate growth and a successful company exit. Steven has competed in over twenty triathlons, numerous marathons and ultramarathons, and is on track to scale all “seven summits,” the highest peaks on each continent.
Pivnik juxtaposes triathlon competition with successful entrepreneurship in this motivational business debut. "For both my business and my endurance racing and adventure career, I have made a habit of setting lofty goals and striving to achieve them," Pivnik writes, drawing parallels between the doggedness required in triathlons and in the business world. Building his professional and athletic feats on a foundation of "persistence, discipline, [and] resilience," Pivnik shares insights from his experience as a successful CEO alongside anecdotes from his triathlon training journey—a rigorous path that culminated in his qualification for the IRONMAN World Championship in Kona, Hawaii.

Pivnik—whose curiosity was initially sparked after hearing about an employee’s triathlon competition—acknowledges his outside chance of becoming a world class athlete, describing his early self-limiting beliefs and less-than-stellar physical condition that made triathlons an unlikely dream; however, through goal setting, planning, and consistency, he was transformed, “building endurance and strength for the marathon of life, business, and sport." Starting from that base, Pivnik offers readers insights on business management, tips on becoming an effective leader, and pointers on handling—and recovering from—mistakes and failures.

Like all valuable business guides, Built to Finish is an engaging balance of inspiration and wisdom, bolstered by Pivnik’s actionable advice and hands-on examples of how to achieve a healthy work/life balance. From rookie mistakes that cost millions to owning one of the fastest growing companies in information technology, Pivnik breaks down his well-worn steps to business success, never losing sight of his belief that “more than anything else, life is about having fun.” Takeaways include the power of positive thinking, practical goal setting, and more, as Pivnik urges readers to stretch beyond their comfort zones: “There is no finish line in life” he advises. This is the perfect kick-off to achieving your dreams, whether in business, sports, or life.

Takeaway: Creative business guide based on lessons from triathlon training.

Comparable Titles: Mark Cuban's How to Win at the Sport of Business, Larry Miller's Jump.

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Cover: A
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