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Patrick Tran
Patrick Tran was a successful dermatologist living happily with his wife and young son in Northern California when his two-year-old son Adrian was diagnosed with cancer. After overcoming his initial devastation, Tran had an epiphany: rather than obsessing over why his son had gotten sick, he decided to instead focus on the fact that medical advances made it possible for Adrian to beat the cancer with surgery, radiation and chemotherapy. Tran’s life instantly reprioritized, he saw how much time he’d wasted sweating the so-called small stuff and instantly committed to strengthening his relationships with his family and living in the moment. Before Adrian’s diagnosis, Tran had thought his mission was to help other doctors accomplish what he had: achieve independent wealth through real estate investing and, in the process, avoid doctor burnout. But Tran’s mindset shift after Adrian’s diagnosis taught him that while he had much to teach about real estate investing, his true calling was to show other doctors how to re-shift their priorities so they could learn to find grace and beauty under any circumstances and take ownership of their lives and mindset and create the life of their dreams. Burn-In: A Guide for Doctors on Finding Happiness, Avoiding Burnout and Catching FIRE (Financial Independence, Retire Early) is the result of Tran’s journey from surviving to thriving in the face of his son’s sickness, as well as his handbook to investing to the tune of over $21 million in real estate assets. This moving, instructive guide to a life well lived reveals not only the secret to mindset elevation and techniques to be happy, fulfilled and successful but also strategies on how to build wealth through real estate.