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Dan Adams
Business Builders
Dan Adams, author
Will you join a new breed of corporate leaders who think like an old breed—your company’s founders—not Wall Street servants? This ground-breaking research examines 4 types of business leaders. Which will you be? - Builders are passionate about delivering value to customers—just like your company’s founders. - Decorators are fixated on making the firm look good, quarter after quarter after quarter. - Remodelers are good at improving current operations, but they seldom build anything new. - Realtors are mostly interested in M&A, but often fail to grow what they’ve acquired. This research shows strong correlations between Builder behavior and faster business growth. Sadly, it also reveals up to two-thirds of today’s business leaders are NOT Builders. These leaders can accelerate business growth simply by stopping the 6 unforced leadership errors covered in this book. Want to be part of a movement where business leaders put the well-being of their company and employees before Wall Street share handlers? Where corporate leaders behave like the founders of their company? Let this book be the guide for you and those you share it with.