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L.A. Nettles
L.A. Nettles, author
Life just gave EMERSON VAUGHN the middle finger. When her husband leaves her for a younger woman, and then her daughter heads off to college, the Facebook perfect life she identified with is gone. At forty-three years old, Emerson is a divorced jobless empty nester who needs to reinvent herself and revamp her libido. Her best friend offers her a luxurious post divorce gift, an all expense trip to New York City, with one contingency. Emerson will have to see a Sex Therapist to deal with abandonment and self intimacy issues. Prominent Sex Therapist, DR. ALEXANDER JAMESON is known for his unorthodox therapy sessions. He incorporates physical experiences into his counseling. Putting aside her conservative views on sex, Emerson embraces everything she finds sexually taboo: tantric massage, voyeurism, and adult toys. Set in eclectic locations in New York City, Emerson realizes her divorce and age aren’t an expiration date on her sexuality, but an awakening. With palpable chemistry and sexual tension during their discussions, Dr. Jameson’s avoidant personality emotionally gravitates towards Emerson’s smart mouth. As their week comes to an end, Dr. Jameson’s sessions not only serve as a catalyst for healing Emerson’s broken heart, but his own. She is torn between visiting Paris to accomplish a lifelong dream, or experiencing a second chance at love.