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The invasion didn't come from the skies, it came from beneath our feet; an alien ecosystem threatening to devour the earth and all its occupants. Jeri and her little sister Cake leave their mountain stronghold in search of a safe haven called 'the island'. Their journey takes them across thousands of miles of murderous creatures and madmen; a hellish landscape where everything wants to kill you. But, for Jeri the real enemy might be right at her side because her sister was born after the invasion began, and could very well be an alien herself. Their quest pits sisterhood against the will to survive at all costs.

Non-stop action at the end of the world!

ByAmazon Customeron January 3, 2018

Format: Kindle Edition|Verified Purchase

Cakewalk is a non-stop wild ride. I couldn’t put the book down for the first half. Then I had to take a break from the intensity of the story.
The earth has been over-taken by genetically evolved plants (or maybe alien plants) which are killing humans. The plant-beasts are very imaginative and creative. Nowhere is safe, except for rumors of a safe haven somewhere north. Not only are the plants bizarre and dangerous, there are remnants of humanity that are pretty weird and dangerous also.
The novel is rich in characters - a courageous heroine with a complex personality, a strong will and lots of determination. Her sister, who has some secrets, and a host of characters who help and/or hinder our heroine. It's a good read and well worth picking up. I look forward to enjoying the sequels.