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California Chrome: Our Story
Perry Martin, author

Adult; Memoir; (Market)

California Chrome – Our Story A compelling book about family, life, and love. Building a dream, then getting swept away by the horse of a lifetime. The Martins had built a comfortable middle-class life, only to risk it all and push their finances to the limit in building Martin Testing Laboratories. After years of struggling, they made the business profitable through sheer will. Regaining their financial feet, you would think they would relax and enjoy their earned success. Instead, they embark on the adventure of a lifetime as the first horse they ever bred, California Chrome, takes the world by storm and wins the Kentucky Derby! This book is an effort to clear the social media and internet fog surrounding California Chrome and to dispel the salacious gossip which in today’s world passes as journalism. It is a clear-eyed look at the business of breeding and racing a champion racehorse and all the thrills and heartaches that go along with it.