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Oleander Blume
Author, Illustrator
Caring for Your Clown Book Three: Letting Go of Things
Oliver began to walk backwards the moment he witnessed Dindet suffer a horrific fate at the hands of an electrifying scientific experiment. And it was his it seems. As Oliver falls deeper into his own self destructive tendencies in the wake of Dindet's apparent demise, another far more sinister plot rears it's ugly head in the form of Poppy, bent on pulling every last string until all the pieces fall into place, her vindictive claws are dug into all the unfortunate residents at Amelis Behavioral Health Center. But she isn't here for Oliver, he is nothing more than the pawn in Poppy's twisted game of manipulation. The Clowns are coming for Pineton, for AKAN, and there is little to do to stop it. Because they were already here.