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Robert E. Kearns

Adult; Mystery/Thriller; (Market)

From the Houston headquarters of his family-owned business, Bryce Ditloc surveys an economy that is in deep recession. Throughout the country unemployment is rife, and to satisfy his psychopathic urges Ditloc creates a vacancy in his sales department. He then invites applicants and many apply for what appears a wonderful opportunity. What they're not aware of is that Bryce Ditloc is a conniving, manipulative killer. After the disappearance of Ditloc Pharma's HR manager, detectives Beaufort and Hanson are dispatched to investigate. What will they find out and will they be able to prevent further bloodshed? From award winning author, Robert E. Kearns, comes a masterful tale of power, death and psychological manipulation you won't want to put down.
Readers' Favorite

James Ditloc, who founded Ditloc Pharmaceuticals in Houston in 1979, was ready for retirement and passed the baton to his son, Bryce. Although a deep recession hit the nation, the multi-million dollar pharmaceutical company was not affected in any major way. Bryce, however, had a history of sociopathic behaviors, and he had dodged the law his entire life. After firing one of his salesmen, he asked his Human Resources manager to place a nationwide advertisement. The dedicated HR manager did not show up at work, nor called in sick, unlike her usual commitment to her position. The fates of the manager and the applicants have horrific endings. Two detectives, charged with the missing person report, perceive Bryce’s true nature and investigate past unsolved mysteries.

In Carnivore, author Robert E. Kearns pens a thrilling tale. One of the most fascinating aspects of this book is the development of the sociopathic personality, beginning in childhood. Bryce’s father had his suspicions about the missing family dog that was found mutilated and killed. But he took no action as he felt he needed to protect his wife who adored their only child and never had any concerns. Appearances mattered to Bryce, and he lived with his wife and two children in a spacious home. At the same time, he was overconfident and bullied his employees. He liked to keep them off-balance with subtle, and not-so-subtle, threats. Author Robert E. Kearns has skillfully crafted a captivating thriller in Carnivore. The book is a pageturner, and once started, the reader cannot put the book down!