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Bob Jefferson
Caroline and I Are Out
Ben Ammerle arrives home from work and can’t seem to find his wife Caroline. His kids are happily playing at the neighbors, nothing looks out of place and there’s no note or message of any kind. But this isn’t the kind of thing Caroline would do. She’s organized, diligent, a loving mother and his best friend. She’d never just disappear without a word, would she? Soon, Ben begins to discover tiny clues have been left for him, and if he can only piece them together, he just might figure out where Caroline has gone. \t Caroline and I are Out is an exciting journey of a novel that takes readers deep into the past, far out west to California and examines the roles of friendship in adulthood and how we truly never really know what’s going on behind closed doors. From laugh out loud moments to tense suspense, this Hitchcockian story will keep readers turning the page until the very end.