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Matthew Smith
CATALYST starts on the first day of Morgan’s Senior year with a vision of a girl of fire—literally. Andalynn appears amidst the bustling hallway burning as an alabaster sun. She enters Morgan’s life as a catalyst of heart, his missing piece, long forgotten. The awakening of his soul proves only the beginning. Something is wrong with the world around him and a haunting presence pulls him toward answers and destiny. In a hidden cave high on the slopes of his beloved mountain, he meets Aelvi, a benevolent Dyer from Earth’s sister world, who reveals the staggering truth of what is to come. For millions of years, our Earth was dimensionally split into two distinct spheres; one of man and one of Dyers (sentient descendants of dinosaurs). Both are now failing. To preserve the potential of life, the two must again become one; the world-altering Union is upon them. Morgan has two days to convince Andalynn and her family, as well as his own apathetic parents, to climb to the safety of the cave before the darkness falls, or they will be lost, along the hope of all free species. For, in the coming global conflict to decide the definition of this new Earth, Morgan is the key to defeating the unstoppable tides of shadow.