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Catch a Falling Knife
Valentina Vittorio arrives in Hong Kong with a single-minded purpose—to bring down the con man responsible for the death of her father. She has immersed herself in the world of high finance for years, rising through the ranks of stock traders and analysts to a position on JM Wen International’s “tiger team” of world-class deal closers. Valentina gets more than she bargained for when she discovers that beneath JM Wen’s legitimate business is a shadowy empire built of greed and blood. To complicate her goal further, something is wrong at JM Wen and she is determined to find out what. As she pursues her goal, Valentina is drawn further and further into a dark and dangerous world in which people around her begin to die and her own existence is threatened. Navigating a trip wire between JM Wen’s brutal security chief, an Interpol agent, and a murderously capricious gang lord, Valentina quickly realizes she can’t tell her enemies from her allies. No shrinking violet, Valentina is determined to exact justice for her father and others like him . . . or die in the attempt.