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Amanda Gale
Catherine and the Wind
Amanda Gale, author

Adult; General Fiction (including literary and historical); (Market)

Catherine Sheering has found the man of her dreams in rising political star Wes Bickhart. The problem is, Wes Bickhart has a past, in the form of Meredith Kelly, the woman he almost married and who remains an important part of his life. Catherine has her own reasons for questioning Wes’s continued friendship with Meredith: as a person on the autism spectrum, Catherine has misread signals before. And though she desperately loves him, part of her wonders if she should retreat to her quiet life rather than risk being hurt again. After years of personal struggles of her own, Meredith Kelly thought her life was finally perfect, with a wonderful, adoring husband and a growing family. But when her dying father, a famously irascible journalist and political kingmaker, requests her help drafting his memoir, she is brought face to face with their difficult relationship and with their family’s haunted past. As his demands become more troubling, her life grows more chaotic—and the one person who can help her is her politically ambitious ex, Wes Bickhart. Now both women are put to the test as they balance their seemingly idyllic lives with their mutual uncertainty about where Wes’s heart really lies. Easily read as a standalone novel or as an extension of Amanda Gale’s Meredith series, Catherine and the Wind is a tale of human frailty and fear, of growth and redemption, of the bonds between women—and of the sacrifices we make for the people we love most.