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Eva Moore
Caught A Vibe
Eva Moore, author
Penny Maxwell is a sex toy designer who gets kicked out of a major tech conference right before the pandemic shuts the world down. Dash, her one night stand from the conference happens to be the reporter who blows up her story and makes her product famous over night. They have a modern epistolary romance through text and email and video chats until Penny gets sick and Dash drives 400 miles to take care of her. He becomes her de facto quarantimes roommate with benefits, and they experience the early stages of their relationship through the filter of the forced proximity of the pandemic. Her CEO/type A personality clashes with his ADHD in confined quarters, and they have to decide if the connection they have is worth learning how to live authentically together. This story tackles themes of self-worth, sex positivity and the politics of being a female in the world, and the idea that love can thrive through the difficult situation of the last few years.