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  • 11/2017
  • 9781543403855
  • 986 pages
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  • 11/2017
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Xu Xue Chun
Century Sentence
Xu Xue Chun, author
This book uses humorous, witty, sharp, exaggerated, and miraculous writing style, which is so interesting and makes people belly laugh. Someone even laughed to tears. As an ironic book with strong logic and knowledge, this book enables readers to experience the happy life value and brings you endless wealth. Don?t you believe that it can bring you wealth? Now Chinese tourists are the most popular around the world because of their strong purchasing power. Why is Chinese purchasing power so strong? Do you want to be as rich as Chinese? Just read this book, and you will find the secret and be enlightened. As I can ensure social stability, economic development, well-off family, good social order, and absence of terrorist attack in China, I will make your countries see the same effect. Just follow my advice. You might think that I am arrogant. Actually you are wrong; I am qualified to say so. I am the most influential civic opinion leader and strategic scholar in China. I tried to put my judgments online, but only those who were more brilliant than geniuses agreed with me and took my advice. However, it really disappointed me that what the ordinary people accepted when they were confronted with truth and reality was authority; obviously, they gave up the former. The only thing I can do is tell you what I have done and what contributions I have accomplished as well as how I verify my accomplishments, to make you trust me as a successful person, to believe in me and listen to me cautiously. This book collected my comments and suggestions on all-important events which occurred in China and around the world from 2004 until now, which are also my appeals to God against the injustice and unfairness of the world. Every article in the table of contents has its writing time marked so that you can verify my influence on the political situation of China and the world, according to the writing time of each article, my opinions, my suggestions, and dramatic change of the world political situation. You can also verify how God has responded to my appeals and requests, according to the writing time of each article, my opinions, my suggestions, and dramatic change of the world political situation.
Pacific Book Review

Title: Century Sentence: A Diary Written to God Accusing Against All of the World

Author: Xu Xue Chun

Publisher: XlibrisAU

ISBN: 978-1-5434-0387-9

Pages: 936

Genre: Non-Fiction

Reviewed by: Ella Vincent

Pacific Book Review

Century Sentence: A Diary Written to God Accusing Against All of the World is a sprawling and provocative book by Xu Xue Chun. The book offers an all encompassing range of opinions on everything from China’s political system to European immigration. This book is politically incorrect and proud of it. Century Sentence is a book that willed finitely start passionate discussions among readers.

Chun starts off by writing about the nature of good and evil in humans. He believes that good and evil exist in equal amounts in people. He also advocates psychoanalysis to help study the mind as well. Chun moves from the personal aspects of the brain to world history and current world affairs. He writes about the world’s problems being traced to the rise of, Isis, Islam and more tolerance of the LGBT community. Chun also criticizes Western countries that he feels are betraying their core beliefs. He advocates the evangelical Christian view that only Christianity is the one true religion for many people.

Chun’s writing is engaging, even if they are presenting theories that are hard to prove. His straightforward writing will be attractive to many readers as well. It’s hard to tell if his outrageous statements are serious or satire, but it’s fascinating writing nonetheless.

Century Sentence is a book that fits in with the inflammatory books of far-right leaders and political thinkers. The fiery language may be seen as hurtful to some readers, but free speech is the cornerstone of democracy. Ironically, Chun is against Western democracy and only favors a Chinese-style kind of government, but only in a Western democracy could a book like this be freely read. Chun’s book is a great example of the need to express many diverse views, even those that may seem objectionable to readers. Any readers who are Muslim, of African descent, or LGBT should be warned that there are many views that they might find offensive.

Chun’s writing would be best for readers that agree with the views of President Trump and readers who hold views that are not politically correct. Readers who agree with the politically conservative views of writers like Ann Coulter, Ben Shapiro, or Jordan Peterson will enjoy this book. Century Sentence would also be best for readers who want to read an alternative take on world history. The book would be best for conservative book clubs or for conservative evangelical Christian groups.

Century Sentence is a book that may have many topics, but it’s certainly a compelling read. This book will make readers think differently about many issues.


The US Review of Books

Century Sentence: A Diary Written to God Accusing Against All of the World

by Xu Xue Chun


reviewed by Barbara Bamberger Scott


"There must be a new agreement between God and Man."

Presented as a series of short essays, this large work comprises the author's conversations with God. The individual segments range widely in subject, commenting on such diverse issues as the essence of the Tao Te Ching, the relationship between China and Taiwan, preventing global Islam, China’s governance, the insanity of Americans, and the "doggery" of democratic systems, with a strong preference expressed for Chinese socialism. The author advocates for the death penalty and for buying and selling babies on the international market. Africans, he states, have low IQs, Israel will fail if it continues to allow homosexuality, and the current Pope "has lost his mind" because he once washed the feet of Muslims. Chun believes that hatred for and willingness to expel Mexicans or Muslims is not racism; it is the only way to combat Satan, and, as such, is God's will. He states plainly that "women can't think." They can therefore never be philosophers and must always be taken care of by men.

The author is a self-described leader and scholar whose writings have allegedly been influential for positive change in his native China. He writes forcefully on such a wide variety of issues that there can be no doubt of his intellect, organizational skills, or conviction. His entries are dated and are set out in chronological order from the year 2007 through 2017. His facility with the English language is admirable, and his understanding of religion, both Christian and Eastern, is notable. However, his forthright views on a myriad of subjects could prove unpalatable to many readers, and his tome, at 955 pages, may prove a bit daunting for others.


The stories behind Century Sentence

The stories behind Century Sentence

I write this story about the Centuries Sentence .

These are my real stories, and all of the people involved in the story are still alive.

If you are interested, you can find them out to verify.

I think this story is more attractive than the century sentence, which enables people to better understand the book of the Century Sentence.

1. My grandma and I

When my father was a teenager, he left Shanghai for Xinjiang to work as an accountant in order to support the construction of Xinjiang. 

My mother was born in Henan and worked as a farmer in Xinjiang. After retirement, they went back to Shanghai. Now, they are leading their retired life in Shanghai.

I was born in Xinjiang. My grandma has five children including three sons and two daughters. I am the only boy in my generation. I have female cousins but no male cousins. It can be said that all Yang Qi of our family is concentrated on me. According to traditional Chinese culture, I am the only person belong to Xu family. I am the only one whose children will have the family name of Xu. And after my female cousins get married, they will belong to other families whose children don’t have the family name of Xu. Therefore, they are not members of Xu family.

So my grandma likes me very much and thinks that I am the only successor of Xu family. When I was six months old, my grandma took me to Shanghai from Xinjiang and I have lived with my grandma since I was little.

I studied in a primary school in Beijing when I was in first and second grades. And my older female cousin also studied in that school. I studied in a Shanghai primary school when I was in third grade. I studied in Xinjang from fourth grade to ninth grade. When I was in ninth grade, I could go back to Shanghai along according to the policy at that time. Afterwards, I entered high school and college successively in Shanghai.

My grandma is the person who loves me most. She left everything including her house to me.

But my grandma is most strict. She has the highest authority in my family. She is strict and particular with others.

My grandma used to beat me with feather duster and other objects. I already forgot what mistakes I made.

I know I have been obeying her words since I was little. But my grandma still beat me for trivial matters.

My grandma used to highlight with tears “be a good person, never be a bad person”.

I feel I have mental diseases owing to her harm, which can be called “good person paranoia”. i have been telling myself “be a good person, never be a bad person”.

That is why I wrote the book. I should be a good person and should not be a bad person, so I suffered a lot. I have been thinking why a good person should be treated like that. I have been making complaints to god. Why does the world treat good persons like that? I accused all unfair things in the world to god and require god to answer me.

I will prove to god that the past sayings of god are all wrong. I want to accuse the whole world.

My book records the communication results between god and me and god’s answers.

2. I have been proving my correctness since I was little

I had two discussions with my physics teachers about exercise respectively when I was in middle school and high school. I finally achieved academic victory and all classmates corrected my academic problem.

I know I have different understandings with others. I am the only correct one in my viewpoints.

I second oldest uncle is a book lover. He is a common worker, but he has many books. Sometimes, I took a few books from him.

I had read many ancient books including Diamond Sutra, Bible, Tao Te Ching, Quran, Inner Cannon of Yellow Emperor, Capital and Selected Works of Mao Zedong. Except for the Book of Changes, I could found the intention of author of these books easily. But ordinary people tended to misunderstand the intention of authors which led to serious social problems. 

Those books including communism and capitalism are the instructions from god. And the misunderstanding of these major problems by people led serious social conflicts.

After reading these books in high school, I gradually understood the main view points and author’s intention in those books through the subsequent social practice. I gradually figured out the root cause and solution of social conflicts at the times.

3. 6.4 rebellion

When I was in high school, a democratic movement happened in 1989, which is called 6.4 rebellion in China.

That is the most important democratic event and social conflict in modern Chinese history.

At that time, I was a student, a good student and a absolutely good person.

Zedong Mao also claimed that he supported democracy. Students movements are positive examples opposing feudalism and oppression in our textbooks. It is May 4th Movement that led to the success of communist party. That is what is said in our textbooks.

So I think that students were correct and positive.

But in our education at that time, communist party and country are more correct.

Communism and communist party got people rid of oppression. It achieves social fairness, justice and resources sharing.

That is definitely correct.

But the two camps and social thoughts had a serious conflict in June 4.

I saw the protesters beat a few solider to death and burned their bodies. That picture will retain in my mind forever.

What happened to the society? Why did such a serious social conflict happen? That is a problem I have been thinking about. Afterwards, I entered a college.

I thought too much and was out of control. I could not stop thinking no matter at daytime or at night.

I could not hear what teachers talked about in class.

The situation was more and more serious and many different thoughts gushed from my brain. In one mid-term examination, I failed in almost all courses. According to the provisions of school, I would be required to drop out. At the last moment, I went to my head of teachers for help.

After learning about my situation, he suggested me to go to Department of Neurology for physical examination.

I was diagnosed with serious neurasthenia. The doctor suggested me to take one year off.

By that, I avoided dropping out.

In the rest, I asked an Qigong master for help. An amazing thing happened. I felt I could control my unstop brain and my body restored its balance. But I still felt frequency fatigue and could not focus. After writing an article or reading a few pages, I would be tired and wanted to sleep.

4. 0.17 million yuan of debt after graduation owing to business failure

I graduated in 1995. i wanted practice and contact with society, so I found some jobs relating to promotion. I worked as cemetery salesman, food salesman, office equipment salesman, office equipment repairman, boss of public telephone, trainee of artware, boss of printing shop and leafleteer. 

I worked hardest when I was a promotion worker. I once took 12 hours to bike in promotion every day. Afterward, I learned how to repair copier and other office equipment and worked as a repairman of copier, which is a popular industry at that time.

Afterwards, I founded an office equipment company with others. One year later, I registered one company and became a boss. That was the beginning of a nightmare.

Because I always required myself to be a good person, I treated my workers very well, provided them with food and rooms and taught them techniques and promotion skills. Then, I trained them every day.

But after mastering techniques, they quit their jobs and founded their own companies. And They grabbed my clients.

Then, I recruited workers again. I taught them techniques and promotion skills and trained them every day. After mastering techniques and sales skills, all of them founded their own businesses.

Soon,I run out of my money. Then I borrowed 20,000 RMB from my grandma, 20,000 RMB  from my aunt and more than 100,000 RMB from my friends.

At that time, I was called the president of the Huangpu Military Academy in printer industry in Shanghai. After learning techniques and sales skills and Learning how to get customers, my students left me, bought house and cars, got married and bore babies. But I had the debt of 170,000 RMB. 15 years later, I sold the house that my grandma gave me, then I paid off my debt .

Time went fast. I only had 2000 RMB in my pocket and the debt of 170,000 RMB.


5、My Tearful Farewell to Ex-wife

At that time, I had no other choice and solely thought how to get rid of the dilemma. Then, I came up with a good idea - marriage.

Since I was a 30-year-old handsome boy then, I decided to post a marriage-seeking and recruitment advertisement.

The advertisement was rather attracting - “a 30-year-old employer in a private company with house property recruits an assistant and seeks a marriageable mate now”. 

Many people came for me for a time, but I did not like anyone of them. Till one morning, when we had a meeting in the company, a girl pushed the door to go inside and asked us whether the company recruited assistant now. The girl later became my ex-wife.



She smiled at me. I asked her to sit down and drove others out of the door. Later on, I talked with this girl.

In the conservation, I knew that her family also did business and she herself was a young lady from a noble family in the imperial lineage of former Qing Dynasty. In the past, she should be called a “princess”. In addition, she was still a virgin.

I thought that probably she was the right one for me. Now that she used to be an employer, she could help me better organize the company. By virtue of the power of her family, I could more easily get along with people inside the company. Actually, she also had supreme conditions in many other aspects. I liked her very much and I also felt her love for me from her eyes.

We had the love affair at the highest speed and got a lightening marriage. As said by my apprentices, “we all know that you are about to get married, but we still feel surprised at this. We originally thought that you may get married after several months”.

We indeed astonished everyone.

My ex-wife loved me very much. When I got acquaintance with my ex-wife for three days, I asked her to help me manage corporate finance and gave all my money to her - 1200 RMB. She was rather surprised how a company merely had such a small amount of fund, but she did not look down upon me.

When I run across a woman who really loves me, she could not refuse me. Therefore, we quickly fell in love with each other. We dined together, walked in the garden together and chatted with each other. However, few days later, we had a sexual relationship and announced to get married.

Do not think that I am telling a pornographic story. Actually, this is a very cruel tragedy.

I run across a woman who most loves me, and we get married and love each other. But three years later, in order to write this book and finish the mission of God give me, I abandoned my ex-wife. We eventually bid a farewell to each other with tears.

When I got married with my ex-wife, our business took a turn for the better and achieved substantial profits.

However, three months after our marriage, I was suddenly arrested by the police in Shanghai some day.

Except as the debt of 170000 RMB, I also owed 200 RMB phone bill to the telephone company then. The telephone company demanded me to repay 900 RMB, Which includes expensive overdue fine one year later. I thought it rather irrational and more importantly, I did not have 900 RMB available. Consequently, the telephone company lodged a lawsuit against me and the court ordered me to repay the charge. But I refused the sentence all the time.

Therefore, the court dispatched two policemen to arrest me on that day and took me to the detention house. I could not forget my day in the detention house.

When I stepped to the room, the head immediately asked me why I was arrested. I smiled at him and explained that I owed 200 RMB to the Telecommunications Bureau and refused to pay 900 RMB.

He questioned me why I was so handsome and still owed to others and why I smiled here. Afterwards, he said “I dislike you. Fellows, beat him, beat him hard!”

At once, more than 20 prisoners in the room started to beat me. I felt that my waist was nearly broken. After that, they poured cold water to me. I could hardly tolerate such humiliation and knelt down to beg him to set me free.  

The head threatened me “Do not smile again, or otherwise, I will beat you one more time. Make a face for us now...”

I could only follow his order.


At that moment, I swore that “If I walk out of here some day, I will definitely accuse all of the world to the God”.

The thing I do today is to practise my promise in the jail - to accuse all of the world. I name my book Century Sentence and add the subtitle “A diary written to God, accusing all of the world”.

My ex-wife saved me from the jail on the second day. I really feel grateful to my ex-wife and I love her very much. She marries me when I come down in the world and saves me from the jail in emergency.

Such emotion could not be measured by money. My ex-wife is the person who treats me best and loves me the most in the world like my grandmother.

In 2004, I and my ex-wife bought out our public rental house and turned it to be our private property. My grandmother lived in Anhui at that time. After learning the news, she asked me to return to Anhui and disagreed to add the name of my ex-wife to the property ownership certificate. My grandmother insisted on adding my name and her name on the certificate instead. Therefore, she requested me to go back home for house property notary. The notary declared that the house was my personal property irrelevant to my ex-wife.

When I returned to Shanghai, I discussed this matter with my ex-wife. Although she was very unhappy, she complied. We went to the notary office to apply for the property notary.

The notary later played a decisive and crucial role in the publication of the book the Century Sentence..

The house is not available to my ex-wife, and our copier repair business is getting worse as the market changes. We can no longer make money. We have to find a new business to do. We have done several businesses, but all of them have failed.

These two reasons led to the intensification of my conflict with my ex-wife, and finally I had to divorce under the pressure of their family.

Although we divorced, my personal relationship with my ex-wife is still good. We continue to live together, and my ex-wife suggest that we should have a baby.

When my ex-wife thought about having children since we got married. I refused for various reasons.

Because there's always a voice telling me that if I had a baby I wouldn't be able to do what god told me to do. And I can't finish the Century Sentence. If I had children, I would have no time or energy to write or study. Time and energy should be spent on the child. And what I hate most is the sound of a baby crying.

Once I heard the cry of the child, my head would explode. Nothing can be done. Children are demons to me. So I'm most afraid of having a baby.

So during the half year I lived with my ex-wife, I did not have a child due to some minor problems. We eventually bid a farewell to each other with tears.

All I had to do was ask my ex-wife to stay and say that my house would be half to her and she would stay.

But God told me that this house could not be given to my ex-wife and that it would be needed to finish the Century Sentence . So I didn't ask my ex-wife to stay, so to speak, I turned her away.

Another reason I left my ex-wife was energy.

When I get close to a certain distance with people, especially women, I will get some bad effect.

I have lived with my ex-wife for three years and have been together every day. We hold hands when we go out, and we hug when we go to bed. We had a great relationship and physically I liked my ex-wife very much.

But I never told anyone. Mentally, I am like a steak in a pan every day. I've been cooking this steak for three years since I met my ex-wife.

Not just my ex-wife, but all people, especially women. As soon as you get close to me, I will be greatly disturbed. I'm going to lose energy and I'm going to be very uncomfortable.

I like beautiful women very much, but I am also very afraid of them. Their bad influence on me will make me very angry.

So if you have anything to tell me, you can tell me it. If you have finished what you want to say, please leave now. Don't try to get close to me.

Leaving my ex-wife is a relief to me, so I will never go back to my ex-wife. But I am so grateful to my ex-wife. I love my ex-wife very much.

Sometimes, when I think of my ex-wife, I cry.

Why did God let me do such a difficult thing? My ex-wife loves me so much, why should I abandon my ex-wife?

God told me that if I didn't do it, if I didn't write the Century Sentence, the world would die many, many, many people. This is not a person's happiness and gain can be measured. So I had no choice.

I told my ex-wife when we were leaving. I said, "god sent you to help me through this difficult time. Now that your mission is complete, you can go." She was very unhappy, though. But understanding.

I promised my ex-wife that if I ever got rich, I would repay her.

So if any of you ever meet my ex-wife. Please help her and her family. I promised her. I love her and I appreciate her.


6. Advice Offering for Reform of State-owned Enterprises 

I devote to the business for certain reasons that I attempt to find out which of Marx doctrine and capitalism is accurate. I attempt to practical test with my views, practice and cognition level.

I am a good man and I plan to find out if a good man will be well rewarded in doing business.

In April 2004, when the new Chinese national leader came to power, there was a test, Tieben Event. I came up with an inspiration all of a sudden as if being impelled by God. The questions I have been thinking seem to have all been answered so I have to write the inspiration down immediately.

I have wrote five articles on the reform of state-owned enterprises in China. The major economists in China at that time appealed to sell all the state-owned enterprises out while my proposal of reforming the state-owned enterprises by separating the management right and ownership is exactly the opposite. It is proposed to strengthen the management of the Central Committee of the Communist of China on the ownership of state-owned enterprises and completely liberalize the management right of state-owned enterprises.

I broadly spread the five articles through sending letters and emails to each national committee and government authority, which was attached great importance to by the Central Committee of the CPC.

There was someone from CPC School inviting me to post my articles in the School forum.

A few days later, it was displayed in the headline of website of State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of the State Council that, “The reform direction of state-owned enterprises is to separate the management right and ownership instead of selling out. Government will stop the privatization reform of state-owned enterprises.”

On the very moment that the state-owned enterprises and the ruling foundation of the CPC were to be thoroughly destroyed, I offered national advice for China, which instantly reversed the situation that the state-owned enterprises were to be sold out, maintained the ruling foundation of the CPC and strengthened the CPC’s comprehensive and scientific control over state-owned enterprises.

Furthermore, the reform direction of state-owned enterprises to separate the management right and ownership has survived to today and become the most basic condition and foundation for Chinese political stability, highly-efficient economic development and scientific national governance.

Without my proposal of separating the management right and ownership of state-owned enterprises, China must has been in chaos for long, which is similar to or even worse than the Soviet Union.

The national operation model I proposed to Chinese government in 2004 is exactly the national operation model that can be promoted worldwide in my wish. I hope that the whole world can refer to and execute according to this Chinese model.

This mode is also named as China model. I proposed the design concept of China model. In other words, I am the behind-the-scenes chief designer.

In addition, I have witnessed China operating according to this model for dozens of years so I know all the secrets of this model. Today, I am here to tell the original code of this model to the whole world. You can modify the code in accordance with your realistic situations to fit your national development demands.


a) I have been thinking of why there was such a huge conflict between students and the CPC and government in Tiananmen Square Event. Who is the right party? Now, I can tell you my answer.

The contradiction between student movement and the Communist Party boils down to the contradiction between capitalism and communism, that is, between democratic freedom and social governance.

The student movement accentuates democratic freedom and completely ignores social governance.

Certainly, it is wrong that sometimes the Communist Party overemphasizes social governance and social order while totally overlooking democratic freedom.

For a society that runs under sound scientific governance, democratic freedom and social governance are complementary rather than contradictory.

It has been clearly stated in my book that social governance, social order, and social justice are the pillars of a country and a society, which constitute the skeleton of the society and the framework of the basic structure.

Democratic freedom is the body, muscles, blood, fat and internal organs of a society.

Therefore, it cannot be called wrong that the student movement expressed public opinion in the Tiananmen Square Event, but the movement needs to be temperate and respect social governance and government authority. That is to say, expressing the public opinion should not go any further than necessary. A timely retreat can prevent the subsequent tragedy.

The Tiananmen Square Event evolved to the point where it went beyond expressing public opinion, but to coerce or even overthrow the government.

They burned the soldiers alive, which is enough to evidence the illegality of their actions.

Resultingly, it is just that the government takes some necessary measures.

b) To realize social governance, social fairness and justice, and scientific management of the society entails untold money, because fairness and justice cannot be manipulated by people, fairness and justice cannot be measured by money, nor can they be bought and distorted by money.

State-owned capital plays a decisive role in ensuring fairness and justice, realizing the scientific management of society, giving play to the supporting function of social operation.

My theory is to use the wealth created by God to realize the law of God and realize the fairness and justice of the society and the scientific management of the society.

In my theory, some monopolistic enterprises and resource-based enterprises, as well as the public ownership of land, provide absolutely sufficient funds for the scientific social management of government, so that the government is able to operate independently and no longer subject to capitalists and taxpayers.

Besides, the government must operate independently in accordance with the principles of fairness, justice and scientific management.

Private ownership and democracy are the effective complement to the government. Both need to develop soundly and vigorously.

The fairness and justice at the national level can truly protect the private property of citizens.

The government takes advantage of a large amount of state-owned capital to guide and adjust the economy running towards scientific growth. This is also the benefits of the government framework for the private economy. The two complement each other.

c)  The practical application of Marx’s theory of exploitation

Marx believes that public ownership is superior to private ownership because public ownership eliminates “exploitation”.

After practicing as a boss for many years, I have figured this out.

This assertion of Marx cannot be deemed completely wrong, nor completely correct. It holds water under certain conditions.

1) Broadly-defined exploitation and narrowly-defined exploitation

Broadly-defined exploitation: Any act of possessing surplus value is called exploitation. This is broadly-defined exploitation.

Narrowly-defined exploitation: The labor is given a price recognized by both parties in the process of hiring labor, which is not called exploitation. Those forced labor in which the laborer does not recognize the labor price is narrowly-defined exploitation, for example, sex slaves or slavery.

2) Relative and absolute exploitation

Absolute exploitation: Similar to narrowly-defined exploitation, it refers to the exploitation in the form of forced labor. If there is an agreement in advance and the boss pays wages as the labor contract stipulated, it is not forced labor.

Relative exploitation: For example, two companies that sell the same product, employ the same workers, and produce the same products and surplus value. One is a state-owned enterprise and the other is a private enterprise.

The owner of the private enterprise takes out the surplus value of the company by several billion yuan to pay dividends to shareholders and himself. This is a legal act, because the surplus value of the private sector is owned by the shareholders.

When the same behavior occurs in state-owned enterprises, for example, the employers of state-owned enterprises distribute dozens of billions to themselves and senior executives without the state’s permission, this is a corrupt act. Because state-owned enterprises are owned by the state and the money earned by state-owned enterprises also belongs to state-owned capital, the bosses of state-owned enterprises have no right to give themselves bonuses or benefits.

The profit of state-owned enterprises is used by the state for social governance and operation. The more money a state-owned enterprise makes, the greater the interests of the people are. This is a boon for the people of the whole society.

The profits of a private company are owned by its owners and shareholders. No matter how much the money a private company makes, it has nothing to do with the national. No other national can enjoy any benefit from the profitability of the private sector. It will only widen the gap between the rich and the poor.

Compared to developing state-owned enterprises, developing private enterprises will bring much less benefits to the public, therefore we say that private enterprises carry out relative exploitation.

From the perspective of relative exploitation, the scientific development of state-owned enterprises is the best interests of the people. But the vast majority of people do not understand it. This is an expression of human ignorance. It is the main point of my book, Century Sentence.

The above is my main views and discussion on China’s state-owned enterprise reform since 2004. The theoretical contributions have been recognized by the government and been followed since proposal.

These articles and opinions are all detailed in my book Century Sentence. Here I only give an overview.

d) In 2004, I also did one thing, which was to stop sales of 600 billion NT$ U.S. arms to Taiwan. A world war was prevented.

In October 2004, I was informed that Taiwan planned to spend 600 billion NT$ to buy arms from United States. If such a plan is implemented, considering China’s policy toward Taiwan, it will inevitably lead to a war across the strait, and the United States will certainly participate in the war. With the strength of China at that time, it was impossible to win the United States. The direct confrontation between the nuclear powers is catastrophic and devastating for the world.

In the God’s grace, I immediately wrote an article Let’s Make Up and emailed it to hundreds of thousands of people in Taiwan. The then network did not have a filtering system for mail. After I sent it, they instantly received it.

My article exerted a huge influence on Taiwan. Dramatically, the 600 billion NT$ arms purchase was canceled. Moreover, the representatives of the Kuomintang came to the mainland as a friendly visit. Taiwan’s then president Chen Shui-bian was sent to prison and has not been released yet. The Kuomintang won the election and Ma Ying-jeou was in power.

This is the result of sending an email in the most critical moment of mankind. I stopped the war and saved the lives of all of you. You can see the article Let’s Make Up in the book Century Sentence

7、My Grandma Passed Away in 2005 

Shortly after I divorced my ex-wife, my grandma returned to Shanghai because of illness. Accompanying my grandma are my two aunts.

They said that Grandma had inflammation and needed to be operated. They asked me to sell my house so that grandma can afford to get medical treatment.

My business failed at the time. I didn't have a job then, and my body condition was not good. Moreover, I had given all the money we earned in our marriage time to my ex-wife.   

When I divorced my ex-wife, we split our property. After calculation, it became clear that she helped me pay some debts and buy a house. Moreover, in the past few years her parents had been helping us do business wholeheartedly. So it was reasonable to give them some of the money left in our bank card.

I was penniless at the time, and could only rely on the house, the property under my name. If I sold the house, I would have nothing.

So I was unwilling to sell the house.

After a few weeks, we learned that grandma’s inflammation turned out to be advanced cancer. The doctor suggested that my grandmother should not have any operation since she was already 97 years old.

Then, all my grandmother's children came to Shanghai to say goodbye to my grandma. My relatives were very dissatisfied that I got the house. But I did not agree to sell the house and they could not do anything.

My grandma is the person who loves me the most in the world. When all of the family members disapproved of me, she still stood by my side, even at the cost of her life. This is what a relative of mine told me later.

I was penniless when my grandma was dying. I couldn't do anything, but only watch her declining day by day.

Those who are nearest to me and love me the most are hurt by me the deepest.

The only thing I could do is to lie next to my grandma for a while. This was a little comfort I could offer.

In a few days, my grandma passed away.

When I rushed back to see her body, I found that her eyes remained open, and no one could make her eyes closed. I looked at her and felt that she had not left. So I said to the people in the room, "You all go out. I have something to say to my grandma alone."

Holding my grandmother's hand, I said to her, "Grandma, God sent me to have a mission. Everything I’ve done is not for myself. I am for all. If you see God, he will tell you all this. Just go well."

I felt that my grandmother listened to what I had said and really left. I covered her eyes gently and the eyes closed.

8、Organizing Drafts into Articles from 2005 to 2007

After my grandma’s funeral, my relatives left, leaving me alone in the empty house.

I rented out the house and then rented a smaller house outside, using the difference in rents as my living allowance. I discussed national events with various people on the Internet. While having intense debates with various types of netizens, I organized my speeches into articles.

Since 2007, the Chinese government has strictly controlled online speeches. So any article that does not meet the criteria was deleted, and a lot of forums were closed. Most of my articles were deleted on the Internet. Luckily, I have organized them, and most articles were stored on my computer.

I didn’t think there was anything worth discussing on the Internet. So I started looking for a job.

9. Iron-willed through Repeated Rough Experiences in Insurance Company   

In the second half of 2007, I was employed by a state-owned insurance company.

At that time, insurance companies offered the darkest and most terrible job: There was no basic salary, pension, medical insurance and social security for the salesmen, but they only had marketing tasks to complete.

Of course, there are also high-income people in insurance companies. As long as the right methods are applied, one can earn some money. My teacher was a very good sales person. I followed my teacher to start working as a salesman. It took me 6 years to be appointed as a sales manager. I had led a team of 70 people at most.

We had a variety of trainings every week, every month and every year, mainly on negotiation skills, product learning and team management.

I joined the insurance company mainly because it offers a most challenging profession that allows me to contact the greatest number of people. I needed to reach out to a wide variety of people to understand this society. I needed to negotiate with a wide variety of people to develop my own negotiating skills and the ability to communicate with others. Meanwhile, I also exercised my ability to public speaking.

This was all I wanted to learn. I deliberately chose to exercise my abilities in an extremely challenging environment that was both rough and complex.

Looking back, I could not make ends meet previously. It was only when I worked in the insurance company that I made a little money. I was very grateful to my teacher in the company.

I had learned the importance of respecting the teacher in the insurance company. Although I had some little friction with my teacher, I did everything to stay face for her. Du Yuesheng, Shanghai’s former No.1 gangster in modern China once said that life’s three elements are “respectful feelings”, “respect in public” and “face-saving”. I gave them all to my teacher.

So I kept the best private relationship with my teacher, who had helped me out of many difficulties.

Within the two years when I served as a manager, I gave 40,000 yuan back to my aunt, and also paid off the debts I owed to several friends.

God told me that I would not owe anyone money in this life. Only others owe me.

10. I Built My Personal Website and Promoted it all over the World in 2013.

I worked as a manager of the insurance company in 2012, and 2012 was a special year. It was allegedly the end of the world. That year was very strange, for I felt that someone was supervising me that period.

However, I was very busy every day to lead the team to sell insurance products. I didn't do anything weird, so there was nothing about me to be monitored.

In July 2013, I opened my own personal website, organized all my articles and uploaded them, and promoted the website to the world.

Although I didn't know who had viewed my website, I felt that it began to have an international influence. What I wrote on the website would be known to important people around the world.

I kept writing diary on my website. I also wrote my thoughts and comments on some important events in the world on the website. Tell God about these, and people from all over the world would get positive responses.

11、 Islamic States Madly Killed People, and I Stood up for Justice

On August 20, 2014, when I learned about the atrocities of Islamic States on television, I was furious. I wrote an article yelling at Islamic States, calling them cult organizations and the devil Satan. I requested God to punish Islamic States.


The next day I saw Obama saying on TV: "God does not support Islamic States and their ideology has gone bankrupt." For the first time, I clearly felt God's response to me. And that was so fast and so determined. I felt that God was so close to me.

As you can see the later developments, the United States-led countries had established an alliance against Islamic States and began to bomb them. From this, Islamic States have embarked on the road of destruction. They have basically disappeared now.

From this point on, I began to write intensively against Islamic extremism and criticized the allies of Islamic extremist forces in Western countries.

From that, my articles were mainly about the comments on Islam and what happened in Western countries.

I not only uploaded the articles I wrote on my website, but when something critical happened in the world, I would translate my articles into English and Arabic to spread them actively and widely on the network.

I found that whenever I spread these articles, the relevant countries would change and respond accordingly. The political situation in the world would change in turn and positive changes would take place in the direction I want.

The purpose of my spreading articles is to let people stop supporting the devil and not to do the wrong things. I hope to correct people's wrong thinking and practices. We should concentrate on fighting against the devil to save the world.

In fact, I did it. God helped me. God supported me.

The articles I wrote are edited in Century Sentence, and each article is labeled its writing time. You can prove everything I have said and how God supported my points of view according to my writing time, my ideas and the dramatic changes in the world’s political situation. 

1. The comments were mainly on Islam and Western countries after August 2014.

2. I mainly commented and paid attention to the wars in Syria. I supported Syrian government forces when they began to retreat and were about to perish. Now they have regained control of the situation.

3. I proposed that Yemen need war to fight against extreme Islam. It had a war immediately.

4. I proposed that China help Syria. As a result, Russia immediately sent troops to Syria.

5. I proposed that Trump should be elected president of the United States.

6. I proposed that Iran and North Korea should not have nuclear weapons, then Iran signed a nuclear agreement.

7. I criticized North Korea and asked China to draw a line with North Korea. I wrote several articles about North Korea.

8. I criticized Turkey for helping extreme Islam

9. I proposed to help Kurds against extreme Islam.

10. I saw Saudi Arabia proposed to return to moderate Islam.

12. In 2015, I Sold My House and Published Century Sentence

In the second half of 2015, I sold the house that my grandma left me. When I got the money, I first paid a large sum of money that I owed to my friend, including interests.

Then I began to prepare the publication of Century Sentence. I started to contact the publishing houses in 2016. The publishers said that my book was politically sensitive, and this kind of books was not allowed to be published in China. It could only be   published overseas.

I found an overseas agent and asked him to help me publish this book abroad. So I started to translate all my articles into English and proofread the articles. I spent a lot of money on translating articles and publishing the book, and a long time proofreading my articles. Finally, Century Sentence was published in November 2016.

I asked my agent to help me advertise and promote the book, but he said that he was very busy and refused my request.

When I published Century Sentence the first time, I saw my book on Amazon. I was very happy. I thought that others would buy my book, but after a long time no one made a purchase.

In June 2017, I decided to personally contact the publishers, advertise myself, and republish my book. And a lot of new articles had been added to the new version. 

I spent almost all my money and I suffer many setbacks in my work, I just want to meet everyone today and to provide everyone with the opportunity to know me and my book.

I have not done anything else in this life, but just written this book. I am completing the task that God has given me. I hope you will enjoy my book.

I believe that my book can bring wealth, happiness, and the love of God to all of you.


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