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Patricia Bates
Author, Service Provider
Chains of Rome
Born a slave, Salaria has served her mistress, Roman noblewoman Icilia, from childhood. Skilled with medicines and potions, she’s served as both her body slave and healer. From her position at Icilia’s side Salaria’s bore witness to countless indiscretions. To protect herself and the slave children of the villa, Salaria has kept her mistress’s secrets safe. When she unwittingly humiliates Icilia, Salaria is punished severely and thrown out of the house and into the slave quarters attached to the barn. Her fate - to serve the men training to be gladiators. Recently taken from the battlefield, war chieftain Tritus has no love of Rome. His hatred deepens when he sees how Salaria, a spirited yet compassionate woman, is treated. To protect her Tritus begins to train her as a gladiator. But the longer they’re together, the more they yearn for each other. In Tritus, Salaria finds a man of honor, of integrity who sees her as an equal. A man who doesn’t fear her or want to crush her beneath his heel. Love, however, is a luxury no slave can afford. Pushed together for survival, they find themselves drawn to each other. But their futures are uncertain and one slip could mean they’re torn from each other’s arms forever.