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Alison Alverson
Understanding the way your chakra works can change your life… But how can you awaken your inner chakra? What are the chakra steps to achieving peak physical and mental health? Welcome to the ultimate guide of self- healing through the world of energy! Embark on a journey to tap into the chakra that lies within us all. Learn how to find your dedicated chakra altar, harmonize with your life force, and ease the physical pains and emotional turbulence that hinder your spiritual awakening! You’ll learn: ◆ The Scientific Explanation Behind Internal Chakra Connections – and Why You Should Care ◆ How Certain Oils, Gemstones, and Crystals Can Affect Your Chakra in a Big Way ◆ Step-By-Step Energy Therapy Techniques to Keep Your Chi Energy Flowing ◆ Unraveling The Secrets to Happiness – and Why Positivity is a Must-Have ◆ Building Your Spiritual Connection with the Universe ·◆ Plus, Much More It’s time to harness the chakras inside you to heal your mind, body, and spirit. You will love this practical guide because empowering your chakras and improving your wellness is the first step to live the life you deserve Your body will thank you in more ways than one! Get started now!