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James R. Mapp
Chance or Circumstance: A Memoir and Journey through the Struggle for Civil Rights, 2nd Edition
What motivates one to risk it all in the name of justice and equality? Mapp tells of the personal trials and adversity that set the course of his extraordinary life. Chance or Circumstance? reveals the courage and determination it took to expose and rectify systemic discrimination and racism in the south. Undeterred by relentless threats to himself and his family, Mapp discloses from an insider’s point of view the struggle for Civil Rights during the 1960s and beyond. He tells of the ordinary citizens who endured hardships, sacrificed incomes, and even risked their lives to right the wrongs that oppress African Americans. Uniquely written from an historical and personal perspective, Chance or Circumstance? provides an account of the challenges, strategies, and strong family bonds that it took to bring about change