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MaryAnn Easley
Author, Editor (anthology), Service Provider
Changed in the Night

Children/Young Adult; Sci-Fi/Fantasy/Horror; (Market)

In 1952 as UFOS appear over the White House and across the nation, sixteen-year-old Allana Odette Blair is visited by aliens and marked. Still suffering from grief after killing her twin brother a decade earlier, she's disbelieved and diagnosed with the Alice-in-Wonderland Syndrome. Left to her own devices, she is lured into a relentless game with her dead brother where she creates a portal to frightening new dimensions where nothing is as it seems. "Very thought-provoking." "...the story will take you to another dimension of 'ahhh' moments of reflection and insight that will 'gotcha'" "A wild ride."
Early Advance Review Book Party

Close friends gathered to celebrate the early advance review copy release of MaryAnn Easley's book, Changed in the Night, on Friday, September 10th in Laguna Hills with music provided by Ross Costa, reading by Alex Knox and Kristin Palmer Knox, amd a costume contest.