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Chaos in my Wake
A.V. Shener, author
Matt Evans never expected to be neck deep in debt by the age of twenty-three. His guilt following the death of his father had made him take a risky loan from local thug, Jeff Holden, and now time has run out. Determined to get his money back one way or another, Jeff brings forth an alternative deal. Matt is to assist a scientist with his covert projects to cover the debt, no questions asked. Although unconventional, the deal seems to be the only possible solution. But underneath the scientist’s pleasant demeanor lies a minefield of secrets and personal crusades. With every visit to the underground lab, Matt’s sanity is put to the test. The only one who can put an end to it is Jeff, but he has money on his mind. Matt must fight the growing flames of madness before they consume him, but can he survive the chaos that follows?