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Charming Impossibles: How Ordinary Angels Help Free the Hopelessly Stuck

Adult; Memoir; (Market)

How do you escape the abusers in your life? Why is leaving them behind while moving forward so difficult? "I call them 'CHARMING IMPOSSIBLES'––charm is their deceptive invisible mask and convincing lure. Impossible to satisfy is their secret weapon or intentional method of manipulation and control." ––Susan E Foster SUSAN E FOSTER DELIVERS HOPE, INSPIRATION AND ENLIGHTENMENT TO SOCIAL, COMMUNITY & CULTURAL ISSUES In this very revealing book, author Susan E Foster shares her personal journey of surviving years of emotional abuse and isolation in plain sight...and the lessons learned. She also shares powerful and moving stories of others, unraveling the mysterious web of confusion surrounding abuse and overcoming difficult relationships. With Charming Impossibles she hopes to teach others how to recognize and escape the invisible strings of the abusers in their lives, how to better understand the dark roots of what makes relationships toxic, and the various stages that evolve along the way. By impressing upon readers her empowering story, she inspires others to see the Charming Impossibles in their own lives––and implores them to do something about it by making healthy changes.