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Chasing a Flawed Sun
Chasing a Flawed Sun is a harrowing story of narrowly escaping personal destruction, a life in prison—and death over and over again. It’s a young mans story of years spent avoiding cold, hard truths in pursuit of the warmth and comfort of heroin in a spoon. Daniel writes, “There is a sense of security I get from the sun. It brings me hope, brightness, energy and warmth. The soft kiss of the sun upon my skin cradles me. It blankets my body in a sense of comfort, and I spend as much time in it as possible. There was only ever one other thing on Earth that gave me the same feeling, the same warmth, security, and energy—and that was heroin. Heroin was my flawed sun. It burned me every time I got too close. It consumed me in its fire, and by the grace of God, I narrowly escaped with my life.” Our entire life is a chase, if we aren’t chasing something we are dying. We seek to find purpose inside the chase. Once we’ve caught what we are chasing we are immediately unfulfilled. It is the actual chase that fulfills us, it gives us meaning and focus, it ignites our passion. In this autobiography Daniel lays out for us the chases that lead him to where he is today with a new mission in life.