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Check Out Different Setting Options of 4K Wallpapers for Your iPhoneX
iPhone X is the latest model from Apple. It comes with multiple features which people could only dream of a few years ago. One of the most talked about aspect of this phone is the wallpaper and how it is set. So, through this article, you will know about setting iPhone X wallpapers in your iPhone X.

Setting HD wallpaper in detailed steps

First, you should be aware of the images which are built-in that can be used as wallpaper. Three options are available for the users; they can choose among Still, Live or Dynamic. The dynamic one offers distinct colored circles which float around an individual’s iPhone X display.

On the other hand, Still option will provide static wallpaper. Lastly, Live one is ideal for the lock screen. It animates when a person presses hard on the display as if the person is applying 3d Touch.

Now have a look at the steps involved in setting or changing wallpapers!

•In step 1, all one requires is to open the “Settings” option which is there in one’s phone. There an option pops up which is “Wallpaper”.

Click on this option and then go to choose new wallpaper and press on it.

•Step 2 involves choosing an image style from the three options available Still, Dynamic and Live.

•Step 3 offers the option wallpaper. In this step, an individual needs to choose where he/she wants the wallpaper to set. For this four options are displayed on the screen; Set Home Screen, Set Lock Screen, Set Both and lastly Cancel to avoid setting any hd wallpaper.

Now if a person wants to use an image of his/her own, then the steps would vary a little. Look below for details.

Using own image for wallpaper

To have personalized and alluring photos as mobiles' wallpaper, numerous users download new content for their iPhone X. To have customized wallpaper, one can also opt for their personal photos which one can get from the phone’s gallery or photo library.

Take a look at the steps!

1.First, go to c the option which lets you select new wallpapers. There press the option “Camera Roll”. From here, go to “Screenshots” or “Favorites”.

2.After the first step, swipe through multiple photos which are present on your phone and pick the one which you wish to make your wallpaper. 3.Lastly, choose either “Perspective” or “Still” for scaling and moving the picture according to your requirement. Then finish the process by tapping on the option “Set” and choose where you want to use it, home screen, lock screen or on both.

Alternative options

There are even alternative options available for people who would like to have more choices. This refers to downloading wallpapers from iTunes or other websites which are compatible with the iOS operating software. Once an individual visit such a site, all they'd require is to download their chosen option and transfer it to their phone.

So, why wait when you can now easily have 4K wallpapers on iPhone X. Get it today!