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Children of the Revolution
The Great Lakes hold 84% of North America’s surface freshwater. And so, in a world wracked by environmental disaster, in the ruins of a place known as the Old Republic, lies the Protectorate, a territory encompassing the five lakes and the land surrounding them. The Galt Corporation controls the Protectorate and thus, the water, with a vicious efficiency though the use of embeds and near-constant surveillance. Only those who contribute to the well-being of the Protectorate are allowed to remain within its boundaries. Those judged no longer “viable” or nonconforming are released. When her farming community becomes the target of this ruthless process, 16-year-old Merit flees into the wilderness. Her mad dash for survival turns into an odyssey of revenge as she sets out to hunt down the men who destroyed all that she loves. But in pursuing the monster, will she become one herself? Is it possible to embark on a journey of destruction without digging your own grave?