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Philip Ong
Contributor, Service Provider
Children's Family Album
In this fast changing world it’s not always easy to keep up with the changes, but we try, only to find ourselves trying to “catch up” with the newest ones. However, there are some things that cannot change like family, and someone who will never change “God”. If you like to adventure, here’s a most intriguing kind you can follow to know why Grandma is your grandma, and Grandpa is your grandpa, and how everybody is related in your family. Children’s Family Album is a good source of conversation, and perfect to acquire information and knowledge of names, and faces maybe even have fun with nicknames like “Cousin Wiggle Waggle”, and learn some history of the older generations at family gatherings. Adults and children working this Album together, inserting information and pictures can learn how they fit to make a family. Children can “show and tell” about their immediate and extended families.