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M. L. Buchman
Chinook (Miranda Chase #6)
Miranda Chase—the heroine you didn’t expect. Fighting the battles no one else could win. When the fastest and most powerful helicopters in the US Army’s fleet start falling out of the sky, Miranda Chase and her team of NTSB crash investigators are called in. One crash leads to another and they are fast entangled in a Chinese conspiracy to start a war. Only Miranda’s team can stop the trade war from becoming a real one.
In the prologue of Buchman’s exciting sixth outing for Miranda Chase (after Honor Flight), U.S. Air Force Col. Vicki “Taser” Cortez, who’s flying in a stolen helicopter, crashes in the Sonoran Desert after a battle that has destroyed four major drug cartels. She survives, but because of her involvement in the helicopter theft, she must adopt a new identity. Six months later, as Tasia Vicki Flores, a member of a southern Oregon wildfire crew, she’s at the site of a burn on Washington’s Olympic Peninsula, where she witnesses the crash of a National Guard helicopter. Miranda Chase, “the best plane-crash investigator in the entire NTSB,” and her eclectic team investigate. One team member, Jeremy Trahn, turns out to have slept with Vicki barely a day before her own helicopter crash. The plot contains other improbable elements, but Buchman does a good job developing complex characters and relationships amid all the conflict and carnage. Techno-thriller fans will look forward to seeing a lot more of Miranda, who’s that rarity in the subgenre, a strong female lead. (Self-published)