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Suzanne Sullivan
Chip the Monk

Picture Book; Spirituality/Inspirational; (Market)

Amidst the noise and chaos of today's uncertain world comes a small, quiet voice of hope from an unlikely messenger—a thoughtful little chipmunk with a life-changing message for young and old alike. Chip the Monk and the Harmony Animals are on a mission to teach that any problem, big or small, is an opportunity to access the harmony within. Chip the Monk is the first in a collection of inspirational books. Each subsequent book will address a particular conflict that children, as well as adults, may be dealing with in their lives.
In a world that’s often busy, distracting, and confusing, Sullivan and Bahr’s inspiring and heartfelt picture book for children feels not only soothing but necessary. The story introduces an idealized realm where everyone is happy and gets along, but only until they experience a “great forgetting”—they “forget how to have fun and be glad” and now spend their days “feeling upset and mad.” Behind the bad vibes is a grumpy insect-looking creature called Pea Brain, who delivers pessimistic thoughts in the form of bubbles labeled with phrases like “nobody likes you” or “you’re not good enough.” This discord prompts the peace-keeping Harmony Animals to seek out the storied Wise One, who summons Chip the chipmunk to “help bring the gloom in the world to an end.”

Despite being a chosen one, Chip experiences relatable moments of self-doubt over what he must do, lamenting the dangers of the journey itself and that he’s not strong enough to defeat Pea Brain. Ultimately Chip embraces his inner power, and in a clever touch literally pops his own negative thought bubbles with the tip of his finger. By drawing attention to the dishonest origins of such harmful inner messages, Chip is able to help others turn away from fear and stay “calm and peaceful and centered.” For most kids, feelings of uncertainty and inadequacy start shockingly young, so this message of mindfulness will help them recognize and overcome these destructive lies.

Wendy Lorenzana’s beautiful, zen-like illustrations seem to glow from within, radiating a sense of possibility and magic. The Harmony Animals’ eyes are wide and expressive and their faces appealingly calm and friendly as they frolic on grassy hillsides and commune with the Wise One, a tree person adorned with leaves and feathery moss. By contrast, Pea Brain’s dark world is filled with people frowning, yelling, and crying. This stark contrast in moods makes it all the more rewarding when the characters’ focus shifts back to spreading love—to others and themselves.

Takeaway: A chipmunk helps people overcome negative thoughts and learn to spread love.

Comparable Titles: Bonnie Clark’s Catching Thoughts, Jennifer A. Swenson’s Chirp!: Chipmunk Sings for a Friend.

Production grades
Cover: A
Design and typography: A
Illustrations: A
Editing: A
Marketing copy: A

Chip has a new coloring book!!

Color Your Day With Love is an inspiring coloring book based on the lovable characters from the book Chip the Monk: Be Kind To Your Mind by Suzanne Sullivan and Pamela Breeze Bahr.


Chip and the Harmony Animals teach that true happiness comes from within.

Filled with playful and uplifting illustrations, this interactive coloring book offers positive messages and fun ways for children to explore deeper questions such as "How do you show kindness?" It also helps parents foster meaningful connections with their children.

For young and old alike, Color Your Day With Love

Is a pure delight!