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Choose to Be Happy, A Guide to Total Happiness, New Revised Edition
Rima Rudner, author

This book is based on the theory that our level of happiness is part nature and part nurture. If we are born with the unhappiness gene, we can overcome our unhappiness by reprogramming our inner thoughts to be more positive. Stop wishing and hoping that something good will happen and learn how to make it happen.

Reviews, Reviews of First Edition of "Choose to Be Happy"

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Choose to Be Happy . . .



“If you were born of happy parents, wake up happy and raring to go, move on to a different book. However, like the author and half the people in the world, if you come from a family with ‘unhappy’ genes, you have to fight unhappiness like an addiction, says Rudner. She gives this book a new twist, citing many studies showing a genetic predisposition to being unhappy. But she also offers solutions—from ‘magic formulas for joy,’ ‘create inner peace,’ and ‘refuse to worry’ to ‘get rid of toxic people in your life.’ I plan on using and passing on many of the tools she offered. You have to make changes, and they may not be as easy as slipping back into a ‘victim’ role. But Rudner’s book can be taken a chapter at a time, with tools that build upon each other until you may find yourself happy despite your dark inheritance of depression. Simply waking up in the morning and deciding to be happy is the first step—read the book and take it from there!”

                                                —Becca Chopra

                                                     author of The Chakra Diaries


“Most people wonder how they can lead a happier life. Rima Rudner has learned by experience how to turn life’s lemons into positive opportunities. Her easy to read, practical views get right to the heart of the common causes of unhappiness. Each chapter offers practical ‘how- tos’ to help readers cope when life isn’t all they hoped it would be.”

                                        —Alison Blackman Dunham

                                                     Advice Sisters Online Publications


“Rima gives the reader new insights that can lead to inner peace. I will live by her ‘Fifteen Percent Principle’ for the rest of my life. Add the ‘Wait 24 Hours Rule’ and you have a winning combination! In addition, Rudner provides a list of razor sharp ‘Happiness Rules’ in the final pages of the book to be used as a happiness factor jumpstart every morning. She immediately welcomes you into her life and makes you feel at home. It’s moving, it’s frank, and it’s alive with her voice of encouragement.”

                                                —Nicole Merritt



“This is a wonderful new self-help book that expands on the concept of ‘The Secret’—that positive thoughts bring positive results. The author gives her readers new insights and practical ‘Happiness Tools’ that make this book a must read for anyone who wants to improve the quality of their lives. Ms. Rudner proves that happiness is at least 50 percent genetic and that anyone can overcome their genetic unhappiness by refusing to be a victim. She teaches you how to reprogram your inner thoughts, create abundance, develop your intuition, get rid of toxic people, and stop worrying forever. I LOVED IT!”

                                        Kathy Jameson



“Rima Rudner is a genius! She has crystallized the essence of what all the experts have been saying about happiness and fused the information with her humor and stories. This book is a delight to read as well as food for the heart and soul. A great choice for anyone who wants to explore all angles of the very important business of happiness!”

                                        Lisa Kamen

                                             author of Are We Happy Yet?