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Oriel María Siu
Christopher the Ogre Cologre, It's Over!
Dr. Siu, author

Middle Grade; General Fiction (including literary and historical); (Market)

GIGANTIC LIES meet EMPOWERING TRUTHS in this masterfully written, fun, family friendly book finally bringing children, parents, and educators the real history of Christopher Columbus
Dr. Sean Arce

"Christopher the Ogre Cologre, It’s Over! is a must read for elementary Ethnic Studies students and teachers! Dr. Siu’s work is a consciousness-raising literary wonder to be used to break down concepts such as “colonization” and “resistance” to both younger students and teachers alike. Moreover, the righteous Rebeldita serves as an honorable model for students to counter all systems of oppression, informing and inspiring our youth to act and live as agents of change to not only imagine, but in fact, to create a more just and humanizing world for those who have been racialized and dehumanized in our society."

Roxanne Dunbar-Ortiz, Author-An Indigenous Peoples History of the United States

This book shifts the paradigm in elementary school curricula regarding Columbus and white settler colonialism. It's wonderful!

South Seattle Emerald

"Every school library should carry Christopher the Ogre Cologre, It’s Over! to encourage students to learn about Indigenous people’s true power of strength and spirit. Christopher the Ogre Cologre, It’s Over! is an important step forward in rewriting history with truth as the guiding light, for all of our children."

UCLA Magazine

"Christopher the Ogre Cologre, It’s Over! dismantles the myth of Christopher Columbus that’s been told throughout the years, with Rebeldita inspiring readers to be change agents."

YES Magazine

"Oriel María Siu’s new children’s book explodes the myth of Christopher Columbus as a celebrated explorer and re-centers Indigenous narratives of how the Americas were colonized."

YES Magazine

Christopher the Ogre Cologre, It's Over! makes Yes Magazine's list of 11 books to share alongside James Baldwin's Go Tell It On The Mountain, Joy Harjo's Poet Warrior, and The Awakening of Malcolm X by Ilyasah Shabazz and Tiffany D. Jackson.