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Cimarron's Law

A bushwhacked Wild-West-show entrepreneur must prove he's no mere dime-novel hero. Either that or lose everything he holds dear.

"Hutchinson's plot is ingenious and brimming with the unpredictable, and his characters are well defined." - Jack Magnus for Readers' Favorite

Cimarron Jack Wheatley is just wrapping up a tremendously successful first tour with his very own highly acclaimed "Real Wild West Extravaganza," when his show is stricken by a rapid succession of oddly coincidental setbacks--injuries, formerly satisfied troupe members suddenly quitting, and then a catastrophic train wreck.

It soon becomes apparent that Jack isn't simply experiencing a run of bad luck. Someone aims to ruin the business he's invested his entire life into--and to end his life if he puts up a fight.

Now, everything Cimarron Jack is supposed to have represented as a symbol of Wild West heroism in the show, he must actually be, in the deadly chase for answers and outlaws