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Tom B. Night
Circadian Algorithms
Tom B. Night, author

Adult; Sci-Fi/Fantasy/Horror; (Publish)

Those who control dreams control reality. Madeline wants more time—for her career as a tech startup CEO, for herself, and for her family. Lucky for her, a new and controversial procedure offers to give her just that by reducing how much she needs to sleep. The data is promising, and she’s used to taking calculated risks. It seems like the right decision at the time, even if she hides it from her husband. While Madeline scaled the corporate ladder and spent half her nights on the road, Darwin traded in dreams of winning the Nobel Prize in neuroscience for the quiet fulfillment of staying home and raising their two daughters. At least, that’s what he told himself. Initially Madeline excels to new heights. But after a bizarre encounter with a debonair man at the luxurious Stasis Hotel, she starts losing touch with reality and acting increasingly erratic, including filing for divorce. Other high achievers rumored to have undergone the same operation begin disappearing or turning up dead. Darwin—who has his own troubled history with the procedure—suspects something nefarious is afoot and that he’s among the few who can help. His life and sanity crumble as he uncovers a chilling plot by a powerful group to harness humanity’s dreams for its endgame. Darwin and Madeline must each survive bloodshot escapades through cityscapes and dreamscapes to try and wake up from the nightmare before it consumes the entire planet—and maybe more than that.