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Claire's House
Deep in a bayou of Louisiana, there existed a hidden plot of land. Outwardly, the beauty of those two acres was overwhelmingly peaceful. It was covered with large magnolias, ancient oaks, and low flowering shrubs. A small lake with cobalt blue water flowed gently past the shore. Although it appeared calm, this land was not a friendly place. Folklore from the area traced the tales of violence and murder back as far as the Louisiana Purchase. Yes, Thomas Jefferson may have made the "Deal of the Century" but the Gautier family obtained the strange land. Many people died over the years attempting to own and tame this raw place. Ancestors from Paris eventually inherited it. The young Gautier family fell in love with such a magical location. Dreams of building the most beautiful home in the New Orleans area enticed them. They planned everything even down to the two perfect white-blond haired children with azure blue eyes who would play in the great halls of their magnificent antebellum home. What they didn’t understand was the power that existed there. Once the house was built, strange things began to occur. A bond between "House" and Claire, the original owner, tied the young woman strongly to the mansion. Her children became a part of this strange alliance. Doom and death waited hidden in the shiny, white structure. Was it the land, the house, the history, or the family who created the unusual events? Innocent people die to discover the truth.